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Online marketing zeroes in on consumers

Released at: 15:51, 08/04/2015

Online marketing zeroes in on consumers

Mr. Otohiko Kozutsumi, Chief Operating Officer at MicroAd Vietnam, tells VET about the marketing of e-commerce companies in Vietnam.

by Hoang Thu

Mr. Otohiko Kozutsumi

What do you think about Vietnamese e-commerce companies and how they can meet their consumers' needs? 

When we work with e-commerce companies, there are two kinds of needs and requests. First is increasing their potential customer base and second is increasing their real and loyal customers. We call that Retargeting. Firstly, if a company does not have much user traffic, we target the right audience and encourage them to visit their websites. Secondly, after visiting their website, we serve the rights ads to the audience. This in turn encourages more purchases.

Retargeting is the method of online marketing which targets users who have already visited a website. This is one of the most effective ways of engaging customers.

How do you approach social and video marketing in Vietnam?

Facebook and YouTube marketing are a popular trend in Vietnam. Both platforms have many functions like Facebook pages and advertising, Viral Marketing with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), YouTube Video Advertising, Viral Marketing with popular YouTubers and so on, with each having different effects such as customer retention, brand awareness, and engagement.

It seems that there are still misunderstandings about these platforms. First of all, clients and advertising agencies have to define the purpose of a campaign, then they should consider which platform is best for them.

Could you tell us about any differences in Vietnam compared with common trends around Asia in terms of strategies and consumer taste?

Actually, the trend of online marketing of e-commerce companies across the region is the same. They are really serious about CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), and they are trying to improve the performance of advertising campaigns.

The trending technology is “Dynamic Retargeting”. To quote Perfect Audience, “Dynamic retargeting is an ad strategy that lets advertisers personalize every ad impression they serve to advertisers by featuring products or content recently viewed or otherwise relevant to the user.” Many e-commerce companies are implementing this to improve advertising performance in Asia.

From my perspective, the main difference between Vietnam and other markets is a lack of experienced digital marketers. Because these technologies are quite new in Vietnam, it seems that we need more time to understand them and find best practice. Actually, last year was really the beginning in regards to the advertising of e-commerce in Vietnam. There will be more experienced digital marketers as time goes by.

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