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Over 19,000 new enterprises established

Released at: 11:27, 01/04/2015

Over 19,000 new enterprises established

19,049 businesses share in $5.16 billion of registered capital.

by Luong Nhi

The first quarter of 2015 has shown positive signs for Vietnamese enterprise, according to the Agency for Business Registration (ABR) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). In this period 19,049 enterprises were founded with registered capital of $5.16 billion, an increase of 3.8 per cent in number and 13.5 per cent in capital. Additionally, 4,741 enterprises registered additional capital of over $8 billion.

Hence, the total influx of capital into the economy in Q1 sits at about $13.16 billion. The average newly registered capital per enterprise is over $269,000, an increase of 3.6 per cent from last year.

Moreover, the number of workers gaining jobs in newly established enterprises is expected to be 265,000, up 3.6 per cent.

On the other hand, 2,565 enterprises were conducting dissolution procedures and terminating business contracts.

"The situation reflected that enterprises are stronger and have better business strategies," said an ABR representative. The agency also added that enterprises with high capital were more stable and had better competitive abilities than their smaller counterparts.

Also in Q1, 5,094 enterprises formerly closed began trading again, an increase of 10.2 per cent from 2014.

"The number of enterprises restarting increased remarkably, showing the positive impact of economic policy," said the representative. The ABR also said that enterprises were hungry to continue looking for investment and business opportunities.

Even so, the number of enterprises closing doors was 16,175, up by 14.2 per cent. Among them, 5,548 enterprises closed temporarily but 10,627 have stopped permanently and are awaiting termination of their tax code.

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