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Ozen Group becomes exclusive distributor of Unifood

Released at: 09:14, 17/09/2019

Ozen Group becomes exclusive distributor of Unifood

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Vietnamese F&B firm becomes sole distributor of Unisoy Organic Soya Milk powder from Singapore.

by Hong Nhung

The Ozen Group, a member of Egroup, was officially appointed on September 13 as the exclusive distributor of Unisoy, an organic soya milk product from Singapore’s leading brand Unifood Singapore, to supermarket and retail channels in Vietnam.

It also signed a cooperation agreement appointing Soya Garden as the Level-1 distributor in Vietnam. An official signing ceremony between the three parties took place on the same day.

Following the success of food and beverage (F&B) chains made from organic soy beans from Soya Garden and Mr. Bean Vietnam, Egroup continues to work with Unifood to exclusively distribute dairy products. The Unisoy organic soybean meal for supermarket and retail channels will improve the soy-related food ecosystem in Vietnam.

Unifood Singapore is also the supplier of input materials for Soya Garden and Mr. Bean Vietnam’s networks. Thanks to Unifood Singapore’s organic, non-GMO raw materials, Soya Garden has built trust with consumers and become the first organic soy system in Vietnam. Vietnam has more than 50 stores to date and attracts nearly 1 million customers a month.

After this signing ceremony, the Ozen Group replaces Unifood as a materials supplier for Soya Garden and Mr. Bean Vietnam.

The top brand in Singapore for over 30 years. Unisoy leads the list of favorite products in the nation. Before coming to Vietnam, Unisoy’s soy milk powder was sold in nearly 20 countries and territories around the world, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong (China), Brunei, the US, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan (China), and Sri Lanka.

“Unifood is a leading Asian brand for organic bean products,” said Ms. Vu My Lan, CEO of Egroup. “Their products have conquered customers in Asia and Australia and reached the US market. Products are in line with the development orientation of Egroup to bring customers a new generation of non-GMO organic products that are good for the health.”

“We already have Soya Garden and Mr. Bean Vietnam in the catering market and now we are pushing for more packaged retail products to give consumers convenient access to high quality organic soymilk.”

Regarding the strategic cooperation in Vietnam, Mr. Loh Jwee Poh, CEO of Unifood, said “when selecting a corporation to distribute Unisoy products in Vietnam, we realized that the Ozen Group fully meets the strict criteria that our company needs. The Ozen Group has experience in distributing Vietnamese health products.”

“Its disciplined and serious approach makes us satisfied. Unisoy soymilk has been loved for decades in Singapore and other countries because of its superior quality, processing technology retaining specific flavors, and good nutrients for health. The benefits of the product have also been certified by many prestigious health organizations as well as reputable foods. Hopefully, Unifood’s quality products will soon have a foothold in the Vietnamese market.”

Using Soya Garden and Mr. Bean as a premise, maximum support in output is guaranteed by internal consumption from the development of these two brands into a chain system, along with a team of professional employees. Experience will help the Ozen Group have the opportunity to develop retail and wholesale distribution channels and gain market share in both domestic and international markets, thereby taking further steps forward.

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