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Phone subscribers scramble for cards as promotions phased out

Released at: 12:42, 03/03/2018

Phone subscribers scramble for cards as promotions phased out

Photo from roaming.vn

Network operators see brisk business on February 28 as added extras on pre-paid phone cards face limits.

by Ngoc Han

Sales of Viettel pre-paid phone cards on 28 February, the final day promotions of 50% extra on cards was permitted, were nearly three times higher than during previous promotions. Revenue from phone cards doubled, and revenue from e-commerce transactions tripled.

Vinaphone also said that they have held “gold days” for pre-paid subscribers since February 22, applying the 50 per cent promotion. Revenue doubled compared to previous promotions and were ten times higher than on normal days.  

A representative from MobiFone said that on February 28 sales of pre-paid phone cards were three times higher than for previous promotions and 20 times higher than on normal days.

Circular No. 47/2017, issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC), states that promotions can only be for a maximum of 20 per cent extra on pre-paid accounts. For post-paid accounts, 50 per cent is the highest level. Therefore, all network operators sent messages to pre-paid subscribers telling them that this is the last chance to enjoy 50 per cent extra.

Operators are also readying plans to develop post-paid subscribers. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Director of the Personal Banking Department at Vinaphone, said that in addition to strictly implementing the regulations the network will also apply promotions for post-paid subscribers and will also create post-paid packages that will be cheaper overall, such as a 50 per cent discount on monthly subscriptions or a 50 per cent Ezpay promotion.

Circular No. 47 was launched in the context of network operators racing to apply promotions adding 50 per cent or 100 per cent of the service value. According to a representative from MoIC, the contents of Circular 47 aim to ensure healthy competition in the telecommunications market.

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