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SCG showcases SCG Super Cement at Vietbuild 2019

Released at: 10:06, 20/05/2019

SCG showcases SCG Super Cement at Vietbuild 2019

Photo: SCG

Thai conglomerate introduces innovative new product at Da Nang trade fair.

by Hung Cao

Following the successful launch of SCG Super Cement with SCG Nano Tech in central Quang Binh province, SCG last week showcased the innovative, premium-quality product at Vietbuild Da Nang 2019 for the first time.

Customers were able to explore SCG’s wide range of solutions for comfortable living with customized style that allow them to create sustainable living spaces for their family.

“With over 105 years of experience in construction and building materials and over 27 years of operations in Vietnam, SCG understands the need among Vietnamese families over the generations for better living,” said Mr. Nopporn Keeratibunharn, General Director of SCG Cement - Building Materials in Vietnam. “Nowadays, SCG is recognized as the leading regional brand for cement and cement-based materials such as cement, concrete, roofing, ceiling, walling, and flooring.”

“Understanding the needs and expectations of people in the central region for a better living space, SCG is delighted to take part in Vietbuild this year to introduce our latest cement invention, ‘SCG Super Cement with SCG Nano Tech’, a breakthrough product that enhances durability and strength. Customers can also find comprehensive solutions for sustainable living spaces, to optimize comfortable living and add style customization for their home with our wide range of products and services.”

Under the concept “Passion for Better Living”, SCG’s exhibition facilitates the customer experiences by offering the look and feel of cement decoration style. SCG would like to emphasize the application of products as an integrated package for the house, from the foundation to the entire structure, from the exterior to the interior. The SCG booth demonstrated the use of SCG Super Cement with other product solutions, for all types of homes, from traditional to modern.

SCG Super Cement with SCG Nano Tech, a newly-launched cement brand in Vietnam, is a multi-purpose cement for a variety of applications, from foundations and structure to house decoration. This is the only cement in the market that employs SCG Nano Tech - an exclusive technology that develops particles of cement on the nano scale range to create extremely tight bonding.

The tight bond between the cement particles and the full reaction of cement particles once mixed reduces pores in the concrete making process, creating a dense, strong, and sticky concrete. These qualities prevent serious problems from water absorption, leaking, and cracking, providing exceptional strength and durability.

The durability solution for foundations and structure can meet customers’ requirements for durable and strong shelters. SCG introduces SCG Super Cement with SCG Nano Tech that to protect your home at the outset from potential risks caused by weather or external factors. SCG Marine concrete helps prolong the lifetime of any construction and protects the foundations and structure from salty seashore climates.

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