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Seminar hears of pros & cons in data management and Industry 4.0

Released at: 14:13, 14/12/2018

Seminar hears of pros & cons in data management and Industry 4.0

Mr. Pierre Bonnet speaks at the event (Photo: Hoang An)

"Data Management - The New Challenge Beyond Industry 4.0" seminar held in Hanoi on December 13.

by Hoang An

Orchestra Networks and Smart-up.org organized a seminar entitled “Data Management - The New Challenge Beyond Industry 4.0” in Hanoi on December 13.

Organizers hoped to raise awareness among the business community on the role and impact of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as solutions for data management.

Big data and AI, with their never-before-seen growth, are having a strong impact on society. Data has the potential to positively contribute to the development of humanity but comes with unpredictable risks if proper governance is absent.

Taking part in the seminar were local and international speakers, experts, researchers, and representatives from leading companies in the fields of data management, big data, AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The line between the good and bad application of big data and AI is thin,” said Mr. Pierre Bonnet, COO of Orchestra Networks and CEO of Orchestra Networks Vietnam. “On one side, society continues its exponential growth to meet its needs by dismissing its externalities. Big data and AI are used to pursue unsustainable development for the planet. On the other side, society uses big data and AI to promote growth compatible with a sustainable planet, serving all people alike and taking advantage of better knowledge management.”

A smart choice in data governance compatible with business vision would guarantee the system health and helpfulness, or in other words, ensure healthy growth.

The seminar provided practical knowledge and information on the potential of data management and the application of AI, blockchain, and IoT for effective business management.

Specific cases of the use of data management were also discussed, to highlight the dangers and consequences of poor-quality data, presenting a more sustainable development direction for enterprises.

According to experts at the event, to foster sustainable growth, politicians and senior managers must take IT systems into account in a strategic way. The success of companies depends on their ability to manage information as a real asset.

Established in 2000, Orchestra Networks is a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) software.

It is headquartered in Paris, France, with branch offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Singapore, and Vietnam, and has operations across North America and the EMEA region. It officially set up its Vietnam office in early 2017.

Since December 2018, Orchestra Networks has worked together with TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics.

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