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SolarBK introduces new solar power solution package

Released at: 14:25, 03/08/2018

SolarBK introduces new solar power solution package

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

BigKilowatt brings citizens opportunities to invest more in solar energy.

by Khanh Chi

Solar energy has experienced several significant developments, especially since Decision No. 16 and circular 16 came into effect last year. People's awareness has increased and they're using renewable energy more now thanks to the positive influence of the government, EVN, and other related organizations. 

SolarBK, a pioneer with more than 40 years of renewable energy R&D, aims to join EVN in spreading solar electricity throughout Vietnam and to provide more solar knowledge to its citizens. For that reason, SolarBK is presenting a new campaign, “Solar Power – Initiate New Living Standard,” to mark this achievement.

Supported by EVN, SolarBK’s PV Rooftop incentive program will first start on the southern perimeter. SolarBK hopes to have more organizations join in to help expand the sustainability and usefulness of renewable energy.

SolarBK is officially releasing BigKilowatt, the smart PV Rooftop plan of 2 to 10kWp for households which is distributed by SolarGATES. 

Each BigKilowatt plan includes PV panels, an efficient inverter, a surveillance device Belink, an aluminum carrier and other related parts. By owning IREX, a new manufacturing factory that has a total capacity of 500 MWp, SolarBK is able to examine the product’s quality and lower its price by 30 per cent. IREX’s PV panels, with a lifespan of up to 25-30 years, is internationally certified by UL and TUV and is exported to several countries around the world.

BigKilowatt’s quality is revealed through the design and experience of SolarBK’s engineers. Having done hundreds of projects and more than 20 installations at electricity companies, SolarBK has proved itself to be efficient when it comes to executing and guaranteeing electrical safety. Projects by SolarBK meet EVN's requirements and safety standards.

With 40-years of R&D, SolarBK is constantly developing new products and technology that can guarantee customers’ safety. SSOC, the automatic surveillance system, is one of them.

SSOC doesn't just monitor the daily amount of electricity produced, it also sends out warning messages in case there are errors, which prolongs the system’s lifespan. Aside from monitoring, it also inspects, collects, and measures data produced within the system help SolarBK upgrade the product’s quality.

“Ever since our foundation, SolarBK has nurtured the dream of internationalizing a domestic solar electricity product to bring Vietnamese the international living standards at the most reasonable price,” said Mr. Nguyen Vu Nguyen – Operation Director of SolarGATES, BigKilowatt’s verified distributor. “As a member of SolarBK, SolarGATES develops products based on this goal. As a result, we try our best to popularize solar electricity in the market to bring it closer to consumers.”

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