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TAEL Partners invests in IAE

Released at: 22:32, 04/06/2018

TAEL Partners invests in IAE

Photo: IvyPrep

Billion-dollar fund completes first investment in educational institution in Vietnam.

by Hong Nhung

Singaporean investment fund TAEL Partners has just announced an investment in the Institution of American Education (IAE) in Vietnam, its first in the country’s education field.

IvyPrep Education will be the first IAE member to receive funds to expand their college preparatory education model nationwide throughout Vietnam.

TAEL Partners is one of the leading investment funds in Southeast Asia, managing capital in the billions of dollars. Over the last few years it has invested trillions of Vietnam dong into local businesses, with a focus on fields that bring about great social impact, such as agriculture, medical and healthcare, and real estate.

The investment will be used to increase the scope of IvyPrep Education as well as to develop the model of college-preparatory schools (College-Prep), with academic English teaching, international English test preparation courses, mathematics-science knowledge, and other necessary skills conveyed in English as overall preparation for all students to succeed in high schools and universities in the US.

“To get started, we will use the funding to improve education quality and this is the top priority for now,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi An Quyen, Managing Director of IvyPrep, Northern Division. “All foreign instructors at IvyPrep Education are required to have international certificates of language teaching and have qualifications from leading universities in the US or the UK. English teachers and skills-teachers are recruited separately. These are the most rigorous standards for recruitment.”

“Secondly, all teaching materials are from reputable publishers worldwide and always up-to-date,” she went on. “Thirdly, we strive to develop online education systems with the application of Industry 4.0, with the goal of improving training results to help facilitate a change in approach to public learning. Fourthly, all of IvyPrep’s learning spaces are designed in accordance with learning spaces at universities in the US, with an ‘innovation space’ in each branch.”

“IvyPrep will be where students are fully prepared for high school and university success, and they will be able to access counselling to plan and acquire knowledge and direction to apply for scholarships and to kick-start their years in the best schools in America and all over the world.”

In June 2018, IvyPrep Education will, together with Innovation Space nationwide, launch creative classrooms where students will be trained in STEM and coding and will have access to a sufficient number of devices to bring their creativity to life. The program not only fosters the creativity of each student but also presents an opportunity for students to practice and get their hands on the theories they’ve learned at school to bring those theories a step closer to them.

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