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Taiwanese IoT companies to meet Vietnamese counterparts online

Released at: 19:26, 13/11/2018

Taiwanese IoT companies to meet Vietnamese counterparts online

Photo: SIPA

System Integration Promotion Alliance from Taiwan (China) to link IoT companies from two countries via "webinars".

by Doanh Doanh

The System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA), a program from the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) in Taiwan (China), will introduce innovative transportation and Internet of Things (IoT) companies to Vietnamese partners through a series of online “webinars” beginning shortly.

SIPA will link three Taiwanese partners with two leading Vietnamese companies - FPT and NTT - to identify ways to collaborate on their pioneering technology work.

Taiwan’s security, infrastructure, and transportation sectors will be represented by the three companies: EupFin Technology Co. Ltd, VINAFORE VIET NAM INC, and ioNetworks.

“Taiwan has always been a leader in technological innovation and we are excited to share these new technologies with Vietnam and work together towards tackling some of the world's toughest challenges in digital security and transportation,” said Mr. Vincent Hu, Project Director at the SIPA Project Office.

The ICT industry has found that these types of two-stage screenings can increase exposure and success while reducing travel and personnel costs. After successful online meetings the companies can then start planning further collaboration.

SIPA brings together the best technology in Taiwan to find the strongest partner projects around the world. Across six areas - Smart Transportation, Smart Healthcare, Smart Security, Smart Energy Conservation, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Education - the SIPA platform brings together relevant partners to accelerate solutions.

ioNetworks provides video services to increase security in all aspects of daily life. Solutions include facial recognition, fire and smoke detection, and medical care safety. Through full video coverage - a network of video recording servers, fanless and embedded systems, video management platforms and video recognition solutions - it is able to customize UI and device design for different project requirements.

VINAFORE VIET NAM INC works in telecoms infrastructure, providing efficient operations across its platforms to all its customers. From maintenance services to problem solving, it strives to be an adaptive company.

The EupFin Technology Co. has a strong reputation within the traffic sector for fleet management systems. Services include smooth logistics, reliable tourist coaches, and secure freight transportation.

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