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Talentnet hosts Business Innovation Showcase 2019

Released at: 11:25, 26/06/2019

Talentnet hosts Business Innovation Showcase 2019

Photo: Talentnet

Over 60 business and HR leaders share knowledge on human capital management strategies in Singapore.

by Hong Nhung

The Talentnet Business Innovation Showcase (TBIS), a regional business excursion exclusively and uniquely designed for Vietnamese leaders and human resources (HR) practitioners, was held in Singapore last week by the Talentnet Corporation in cooperation with the Singapore Human Resources Institute.

The trip brought together more than 60 leaders and professionals from over 20 homegrown companies, providing a wealth of valuable lessons, enlightened knowledge, and best practices in successful organizational culture and human capital management strategies.

Gex Ventures, Google, Harman, Heraeus, Oracle, and Unilever Singapore were among the host companies accompanying the Talentnet Business Innovation Showcase 2019. These companies have continuously been recognized with prestigious international awards for their innovative approach to HR management, laying a solid foundation for exponential business growth.

Throughout three days of enlightening experiences, delegates were fully immersed in a multitude of thought-provoking and practical takeaways from top regional leaders. Leadership in the era of innovative disruption, the art of talent management and engagement, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR transformation, and agile and flexible organization, to name just a few, were among the more pertinent hot-button topics discussed.

When asked about the secret to creating a great corporate culture and superior workforce, Singapore’s leading businesses all said it is necessary to start with the most basic value, which is people.

Focusing on training and developing human capital and creating a happy working environment to attract and retain talent is no longer an option but a must. A positive working environment not only directly affects the dedication of employees but also determines their long-term commitment to the organization.

Mr. Patrick Liew, Executive Chairman of Gex Ventures, also revealed the secret sauce of an impactful human capital strategy.

“I’m so glad to receive a lot of positive feedback from business leaders and HR practitioners at the event,” said Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, CEO of Talentnet. “I believe the trip brought a torrent of ideas, information, new perspectives, and vision to delegates, which will hopefully lay the foundations for more effective, high-impact HR strategies.”

“In this competitive and fast-paced era, investing in human capital is always a strategic investment and the smart thing to do, helping businesses retain their competitive edge, be future-ready, and stay on top of the curve.”

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