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Tech Data expands Cloud Practice Builder

Released at: 15:27, 17/07/2019

Tech Data expands Cloud Practice Builder

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Program to include interactive solutions-focused paths and vendor-specific enablement programs.

by Doanh Doanh

Tech Data has expanded its digital Cloud Practice Builder program to include interactive solutions-focused paths and vendor-specific enablement programs. These new additions offer technology solution providers with a single source for growing diversified cloud practices by quickly assessing, mapping, and building expanded practice or solution focus areas.

“Our partners are looking for new ways to expand their businesses and take advantage of high-growth opportunities, as evidenced by the 900-plus customers who have participated in digital cloud practice builder since its launch in October,” said Mr. Sergio Farache, Senior Vice President, Global Cloud Solutions, at Tech Data. “Our latest additions to the program enhance our customers’ ability to build and diversify their cloud practices.”

Through the interactive solutions-focused paths and vendor-specific enablement programs, customers will understand where their greatest opportunities lie, develop a roadmap, and start quickly building new practices in as little as 90 days; a process that historically could take five months or more.

Developing new practices can be challenging for any technology solution provider, so Tech Data’s new interactive paths simplify complexity to provide customers with an understanding of where and how they can drive greater cloud growth. These include paths for vendor-specific or business-outcome-focused solution practice areas.

As an example, Tech Data’s vendor-specific Microsoft enablement paths help partners develop their Microsoft-based practices, from launching a cloud service provider (CSP) practice to advancing their practices with Azure or Microsoft Modern Workplace. Tech Data’s solutions-focused paths, on the other hand, guide customers along three possible focus areas - core cloud, cloud data protection, or modern workplace - and ultimately direct customers to enablement through Tech Data’s own pre-architected, click-to-run solutions, like those for enabling cloud backup.

“Cloud Practice Builder was a pleasant surprise for my company in that it helped us solidify our strategy and go-to-market approach around cloud in a way that was super simple, which is necessary when you run a business in a channel that is complex and constantly evolving,” said Mr. Juan Fernandez, Vice President of Managed IT Services at ImageNet Consulting, a technology solution provider and Tech Data partner. “The program helped us understand gaps in our practice that we didn’t previously consider, and helped us fill in those gaps.”

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