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Thirteen companies honored in Vietnam HR Awards 2014

Released at: 18:57, 10/12/2014

Thirteen companies honored in Vietnam HR Awards 2014

Outstanding HR policies recognized in Awards.

by Thong Dat

Thirteen local and multinational companies were honored at the Vietnam HR Awards 2014, co-organized by Talentnet and the Labor & Social Affairs newspaper and endorsed by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA). Held tonight in Ho Chi Minh City, the Awards saw a 350-strong crowd of CEOs and HR professionals gather together to celebrate their work and achievements over the last year.

The Vietnam HR Awards 2014 is the first of its kind in Vietnam, recognizing and honoring businesses with excellent HR policies, promoting effective HR strategies, and providing a venue for learning and sharing HR policy and practices that contribute to the development of enterprises and employees. Adopting a professional methodology from SHRI, an international organization, the Awards are acknowledged as transparent in the judging process and professional in award categories and criteria.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Head of the Organizing Committee, said: “It is very difficult to identify the best among the impressive HR policies being applied here in Vietnam. The HR policies honored tonight are the best practice in the market and I look forward to continuing to honor other outstanding policies in the future.”

Officially launched on August 19, the Vietnam HR Awards 2014 attracted significant interest among Vietnam’s corporate sector, with hundreds of companies participating. Participants have all undergone four rounds in the Awards’ process, including short-list assessment, profile evaluation, presenting in front of the Judging Panel, and site visits.

The Judging Panel was impressed by the enthusiastic participation and thorough preparation by participating companies. “It shows that companies are increasingly viewing HR management as the core foundation of business development,” said Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee and Member of the Judging Panel. “We are also happy to see strong support from CEOs who are closely connected to HR management at their companies.”

Mr. Arnold Chan, Managing Director of Grow Talent Pte Ltd. and Member of the Judging Panel, noted that Vietnamese companies are highly recognized for their flexibility, creativity and adaptability, especially in the working environment. “Meanwhile, multinational companies are best known for their professionalism and standard measurement methods, which help develop a HR strategy that is closely connected with the business strategy,” he said.

The Vietnam HR Awards this year had five award categories: (i) Best Workplace Environment, (ii) Compensation & Rewards Management, (iii) Training & Human Capital Management, (iv) Manpower Planning & Resourcing, and (v) Performance Management. The Judging Panel also introduced the “HR Transformation Champion” category to recognize efforts of companies that have gone through transition periods but still focused on investing in HR and achieved encouraging results.

Of the 13 companies honored at the Awards tonight, none shore more brightly than Intel Products Vietnam. The company took home the day’s top honor as it was named the Best Enterprise of the Vietnam HR Awards 2014. Ms. Sherry S. Bogey, General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam, said it is a great honor for Intel Products Vietnam to be recognized as Best Enterprise of the Vietnam HR Awards. “At Intel Products Vietnam, we intentionally create an environment where people demonstrate respect and trust for each other, achieving winning results while having fun and giving back to the community and country,” she said.

Ms. Sherry S. Bogey, General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam, spoke with VET after her company was named Best Enterprise of the Vietnam HR Awards 2014.

How have professional HR policies and guidelines made a difference at Intel Products Vietnam?

The establishment of HR policies and guidelines sets out responsibilities, consistencies and standards of behavior as well as commitments in relation to regulation and corporate governance for our employees. It also provides flexibility to managers to make some judgment calls, depending on the situation or circumstances. HR policies also provide support in various ways to having the greatest effect on talent and organizational performance, for example cultivating and building the desired organizational culture (e.g. possibility thinking, risk taking), bringing creative programs that drive differentiation in our benefits and compensation policies, and providing multiple channels for employees to share their ideas, challenges, grievances, etc. As for HR professionals, this brings out their confidence in providing consultation to business partners and leaders, as policies and guidelines are clear and transparent.

Intel Products Vietnam has been announced as a winner in three categories: Manpower Planning & Resourcing, Compensation & Reward Management, and Best Workplace Environment. If you had to select one as the best category to win, which one would it be and why?

I would have to say “Best Workplace Environment”. The reason is because it is the one that embodies the human element and the important sense that we are part of a larger family or community. It is the one that sparks a positive emotion, fuels the passion, brings smiles to faces, warmness to hearts, and enables dreams to come true. It is the one that is good for people, and pragmatically very good for business too. Every day our leaders and employees are faced with choices in their behavior and actions that can either strengthen or weaken our “Great Place to Work” value. At Intel Products Vietnam, it is clear that our people overwhelming choose to make it a great place to work each and every day.

We know that most of Intel Products Vietnam employees are Gen Y. What are the advantages as well as the difficulties for Intel Products Vietnam in managing this group of employees? How flexible are the HR policies in managing and developing Gen Y employees?

I’m really proud of Intel Products Vietnam’s young and energetic workforce. They are always eager to learn, ready to take on new challenges and new roles. As one of the world’s leading companies in the high-technology industry, we value the creativity and innovative ideas our young employees bring to Intel Products Vietnam.

One of the challenges in managing such a young workforce is that you always have to make sure you give them opportunities to learn and grow at their best. This is also one of our key priorities when we build up our HR policies and programs. At an average age of 28, most of our employees desire to pursue higher education to enhance their knowledge and skills. Therefore, we have various programs to support them in further education, such as the Extended Education Program, and offer a flexible working schedule to support employees pursuing higher education.

As part of career development, Intel Products Vietnam allows flexibility for employees to move across departments or countries to acquire different skill sets and on-the-job experience. Our HR team applies the model of “Learn - Connect – Experience” in most of the development programs, which I think is a great way to transfer knowledge at a practical level in a fun and interactive setting.

With more than 70 per cent of employees being Gen Y, company activities and social clubs vary depending on employees’ interests and hobbies, such as badminton, table tennis, bowling, music, photography, toastmasters, etc. Our Gen Y employees have an unquenchable thirst for learning new things. We strive to inspire them in their never-ending quest for knowledge and skills, and make sure we have fun along the way.

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