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Toyota Vios the best seller in Q1

Released at: 15:16, 20/04/2016

Toyota Vios the best seller in Q1

Top 10 sees the first appearance of the Ford Ecosport small SUV.

by Thien Huong

10. Mazda BT-50

Production: 1,070 units

Price: VND669-VND759 million ($30,054-$34,097)

In the pickup segment, Ford Ranger, Nissan NP300 Navara and Chevrolet Colorado High Country have modern technology) and attractive design. These are dreamy models for those consumers who are keen on pickups. But to possess one, especially the most advanced version, consumers must accept to pay a higher price compared to other competitors in the same segment. The lower retail price of the Mazda BT is therefore an advantage.

9. Ford Ecosport

Production: 1,108 units

Price: VND606-VND681 million ($27,223-$30,593)

The appearance of Ford Ecosport is clearly a surprise. Using the same chassis as the Fiesta, the Ecosport has the shape of an SUV, which is the first advantage. The second is that the Ecosport gets significant benefits from the One Ford strategy with a series of advanced technology and a new exciting design.

8. Toyota Camry

Production: 1,176 units

Price: VND1.122-VND1.414 billion ($50,404 -$63,522)

Although its competitors are making positive changes, sometimes even surpassing Camry, according to different group of consumers, especially the young, the Toyota Camry apparently has no rival in the luxury midsize sedan segment.

7. Kia K3

Production: 1,337 units

Price: VND595-VND715 million ($26,730-$32,120)

Kia K3 has youthful and fashionable design features while having the lowest retail price in the segment. However, for those who like precision, Kia K3 is not a good choice.

6. Mazda3

Production: 2,279 units

Price: VND748-VND860 million ($33,602 - $38,634)

The design and technology the Mazda3 possesses have a strange attraction. Despite faults in the engine check light it continues to be preferred.

5. Toyota Fortuner

Production: 2,364 units

Reference price: VND947 million-VND1.195 billion ($42,542-$56,684)

Durability and high commercial value have always been the strength of the Fortuner. The interesting point of its seven-seat multi-use form is the high rate of business customers, which differentiates it from others in the market.

4. Kia Morning

Production: 2,718 units

Price: VND330-VND425 million ($14,825-$19,092)

Kia Morning deserves a higher place than 4th. In the same segment, only the Chevrolet Spark and the Hyundai Grand i10 are its two strong competitors. With an advantage in price, design and all the features of an under VND400 million car, Kia Morning should be in a higher position.

3. Toyota Innova

Production: 2,723 units

Price: VND727-VND867 million ($32,660-$38,949)

Since 2006 the Innova has not slipped out of the best-selling group in the market.

Obviously, with its multi-use ability, durability and low price, because of the highest localization rate in Vietnam, Toyota Innova is always a top choice for many consumers.

2. Ford Ranger

Production: 3,161 units

Price: VND619-VND921 million ($27,808-$41,375)

No longer the phenomenon it was this time last year, the Ford Ranger is still one of the most attractive cars in the market. The Ranger is a pioneer in the race in the pickup segment in Vietnam.

1. Toyota Vios

Production: 3,428 units

Price: VND561-VND649 million ($25,202-$29,155)

Since launching the new generation in March 2014, the Toyota Vios small sedan has constantly climbed to first in the Top 10 best-selling cars. In Q1 this year total sales far exceeded that of the Ranger and affirms its status in the market.

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