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Uber launches first partner support center in Vietnam

Released at: 19:38, 19/10/2017

Uber launches first partner support center in Vietnam

Photo: Uber

Greenlight Hub launched on October 19 in Hanoi.

by Quynh Nguyen

Uber officially launched the largest partner support center in Vietnam, called Greenlight Hub, in Hanoi on October 19.

Its opening is a big step forward for the company, which is celebrating three years in Vietnam, and marks an important milestone in its journey to serve Vietnamese passengers.

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Greenlight Hub affirms its commitment to continuously invest in providing the best experience for both drivers and users in Vietnam.

“As Uber continues to develop and bring economic opportunities to more and more Vietnamese people, we truly believe in a proper investment in a Greenlight Hub to better support our partners,” said Mr. Tom White, General Manager of Uber Vietnam. “Through Greenlight Hub, Uber also hopes to receive more feedback and suggestions from customers and partner drivers to improve technology and services.”

Mr. White is the new leader of Uber Vietnam, after Mr. Dang Viet Dung, former General Manager, left the company recently.

Mr. Tom White, new General Manager of Uber Vietnam, addresses the launch of Greenlight Hub

2017 has been something of a tumultuous year for Uber in Vietnam, with it having difficulties in operations and facing ongoing opposition from traditional taxi firms.

In late September, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Taxation issued a decision imposing fines and collecting taxes from Uber, totaling $3 million, after tax inspections were conducted on financials from its three years in the country.

Uber also faces plenty of competition from traditional taxi firms. Mai Linh Mien Bac, a major taxi company in Vietnam owned by the Mai Linh Group, was reported to be preparing to launch motorbike transport services called M.Bike and M.Bike Premium, to compete with uberMoto and GrabBike.

Mr. White, however, said that Uber will not be affected by the criticisms or past troubles. “We only focus on business, bringing our experience to customers and partners in the future,” he said.

He believes his three years of experience in Australia will be useful in Vietnam despite the two markets being completely different. “My goal is to build a brand-new strategy for Uber in Vietnam,” he said.

Introduced in Vietnam in 2014, Uber cars have traveled more than 322 million km, equal to 99,000 trips along the length of the country.

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