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Uber Policy Director meets local startups

Released at: 18:04, 07/07/2017

Uber Policy Director meets local startups

Photo: Quynh Nguyen (VET)

Ms. Amy Kunrojpanya emphasizes the importance of reputation in meeting with Vietanamese startups.

by Quynh Nguyen

More than 100 Vietnamese startups and technology students met with Ms. Amy Kunrojpanya, Director of Public Policy & Communications, Asia Pacific, at Uber, on “Building a Reputation for Startups” in Hanoi on July 7.

According to Ms. Kunrojpanya, startups should build their image from the beginning of product development. “With an effective strategy, despite limited budget and resources, businesses can build a successful reputation,” she said.

She also stressed that investing seriously in the product is the most important matter. At the same time, startups need a creative media team to communicate the core values of its products.

Three representatives from the Abbycard, Hteek, and NIBU startups received consultation from Ms. Kunrojpanya.

As a leading expert in advertising and media, before joining Uber she held key positions at major global corporations such as Google, Coca-Cola, and Syngenta.

She is now responsible for promoting Uber’s reputation and assisting with its mission of providing safe and reliable transportation to all people around the world through public policy activities and establishing government relations across Asia.

Uber has recently been entangled in a dispute over its carpooling solution in Vietnam, with the Ministry of Transport asking that Uber and Grab not be permitted to conduct more than one contract per trip.

Uber’s growing presence in over 450 cities in 70 countries and territories ensures overseas visitors have a familiar and safe way to explore Vietnam and visit a broader and more diverse range of neighborhoods.

Uber entered Vietnam in July 2014 and late last year the country became the first in Southeast Asia to launch cash payments. uberMOTO was also launched earlier this year, providing motorbike taxis with lower fares.

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