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US poultry council denies dumping in Vietnam

Released at: 15:00, 05/08/2015

US poultry council denies dumping in Vietnam

Council claims prices of chicken legs are the same or higher than in the US.

by Thu Hoang

The US Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) has rejected complaints from Vietnamese poultry businesses that chicken products imported from the US are being dumped at below-market prices in Vietnam.

USAPEEC President Jim Sumner asserted that US chicken parts are sold in Vietnam at the same or higher prices than in the US. “So under WTO rules they are not being dumped,” he said.

The USAPEEC attributed the hardships experienced by Vietnamese poultry producers to “high prices for feed,” implying that imports from the US do not hurt their business.

Mr. Sumner said that the USAPEEC is “very sympathetic” that the situation is affecting local producers.

“Consumers should keep in mind that the complaint is about US frozen leg products and these do not directly compete with fresh locally-produced whole chickens, which is the preferred product of Vietnamese consumers,” he added.

He added that two-thirds of the chicken leg quarters produced in the US are consumed at home. “Those remaining are sold to more than 125 countries around the world, including Vietnam, at similar prices to those in the US,” he said.

The primary US chicken parts shipped to Vietnam are leg quarters, legs, and feet, according to the USAPEEC, which works to promote exports of US poultry and eggs around the world.

Mr. Sumner said that the USAPEEC and the US poultry industry have always been very supportive of the Vietnamese poultry industry, conducting various seminars and workshops aimed at supporting food safety and bio-security practices.

Such activities are meant to increase the availability, affordability, and ultimately the consumption of chicken in Vietnam, he said.

“The US industry has no interest in marginalizing the Vietnamese poultry industry or in competing directly with domestically-produced products, as increased poultry consumption benefits everyone,” he said.

The Animal Husbandry Association in southeastern Vietnam and its counterpart in the southern province of Dong Nai last week signed petitions calling for a dumping investigation to be undertaken into US-imported chicken.

Mr. Le Van Quyet, the Association’s Deputy Chairman, said recent market research in the US found that chicken legs and wings are being sold at prices four to five times more than their price in Vietnam.

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