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Vietnam Best Places to Work Survey kicks off

Released at: 17:18, 02/10/2015

Vietnam Best Places to Work Survey kicks off

Anphabe and Nielsen Vietnam launch this year's survey, aimed at assisting enterprises in their employer branding efforts.

by Thu Hoang

Anphabe, an employer brand solutions provider in Vietnam, and its research partner, Nielsen Vietnam, launched the Vietnam Best Places To Work 2015 Survey on October 1, with an extended scale, deeper analysis, and new areas of research.

This is the only professional survey in Vietnam, designed to measure and support organizations to improve their employer brand effectively.

“Approaching the third year, the Vietnam Best Places To Work 2015 Survey has successfully captured the attention of and become the prominent source of information for the human resources community,” said Ms. Thanh Nguyen, CEO of Anphabe.com, Vietnam largest community for senior working professionals.

Aside from continuing to update career drivers and expectations of working professionals and the latest trends of employer branding in the market, this year the survey seeks to evaluate the employer brand health of hundreds of top companies taking part in the internal survey (evaluated by employees) and external survey (evaluated by talent in the industry).

A series of indices and advanced analyses will indicate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as risks and opportunities, in the employer brand management of each company, therefore providing companies with the most practical suggestions for improvement.

According to the 2014 Vietnam Best Places to Work Survey, Benefits is rising to the top consideration along with Salary as important factors in working professionals’ inspections of potential workplaces.

Companies participating in the Vietnam Best Places To Work 2015 Survey will receive reports on the specific needs for Benefits of each talent group as well as the current types of Benefits offered by companies in the market, based on which actions can be taken to improve their Benefits package.

Similarly, in order to help businesses find suitable solutions for retaining talent, the survey this year will also look deeper into the causes of stress that may affect employees’ productivity and make them leave the company.

Among the various reasons given, such as overload, lack of trust in the company, financial concerns for the future, a dictatorial management style, or unrealistic performance targets, etc., it also seeks to determine what the real causes of stress are and what drives employees out of an organization.

From the findings of the survey, businesses can come up with more practical actions to raise the quality of work, upgrade their employees’ lives and thus increase their employer brand attractiveness.

As per the tentative schedule, in March 2016 the organizers will conduct an Awards Ceremony of Vietnam Best Places to Work 2015. Companies that participate in the survey will receive an Employer Branding - Total Market Report and an Employer Brand Health Report (internal and external), along with customized consultancy.

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