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Vietnam in Top 10 for engineering graduates

Released at: 17:35, 22/06/2015

Vietnam in Top 10 for engineering graduates

Russia heads WEF list of annual graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction.

by Thu Hoang

Vietnam ranks 10th among countries with the most engineering, manufacturing and construction graduates, with 100,390 graduating every year, according to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2015.

Countries with the Most Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Graduates

Source: World Economic Forum 2015

According to Forbes, the US, Japan and other developed countries have produced the majority of engineering graduates around the world over the past few decades. Things have started to change, however, with a significant number of new engineering, manufacturing and construction graduates now coming from developing and emerging countries.

Russia topped the WEF list (which excluded China and India due to a lack of data), with 454,000 graduates every year in engineering, manufacturing and construction. The US followed, with 237,826 such graduates every year, while Iran ranked third with 233,695.

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