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WeShip.vn: Large shipments made easy

Released at: 16:44, 17/04/2018

WeShip.vn: Large shipments made easy

Photo: weship.vn

Portal for corporate customers sending large volumes of goods launched on April 16.

by My Van

The NextTech Group officially launched its Weship.vn platform, a pioneering portal supporting corporate customers sending large volumes of goods, on April 16. Together with Boxme and ShipChung, this is the next step in the development of logistics and logistics networks in the context of the boom in e-commerce.

Weship.vn is a gateway service for large volumes of goods going to both domestic and international markets via air, sea and road from manufacturers or enterprises with a need for big bulk transport.

The service helps businesses access hundreds of transport units and domestic and international logistics firms and select the right carrier with reasonable prices.

Customers also have the opportunity to enjoy attractive discounts from many transport firms used regularly. Weship ensures shipment rights as well as transparent policies from shipping companies.

General Director of Weship.vn, Mr. Do Cao Huy, said transportation companies can also easily access customers when registering to provide services. “They can find new clients without any cost,” he said. “The Weship.vn system also provides great features for both parties, such as prompt tracking with automatic updates and the status of the shipment.”

The platform also reports debt management fully and promptly. It enables carriers to not only easily manage customer care but also create opportunities for rapid growth and revenue.

With the ability to apply modern technology and operational experience in logistics, ShipChung, BoxMe and WeShip promises to be the right solution to logistics problems. Shipchung provides delivery and cash-on-delivery (CoD) services, Boxme logistics and fulfillment solutions for e-commerce, and WeShip bulk shipping solutions for enterprises.

With the appearance of Weship.vn, NextTech hopes to take a new step towards improving the benefits for businesses, linking manufacturing enterprises with transportation enterprises and creating strong momentum for transportation as well as e-commerce development in the future.

To mark the launch, Weship.vn is offering discounts for customers, such as 30 per cent off shipping charges for domestic online shipping through Weship from April 16 to June 16.

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