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Winners of mobile marketing awards announced

Released at: 16:33, 02/11/2015

Winners of mobile marketing awards announced

Mobile Marketing Association announces winners of SMARTIES Awards for leading brands, campaigns, solutions, and methods on the mobile platform.

by Son Ho

The Mobile Marketing Association has announced the Vietnam SMARTIES Awards 2015, for brands and products recording great results from mobile marketing. There are 15 categories in total: Brand Awareness, Product / Service Launch, Promotion, Relationship Building & CRM, Lead Generation / Direct Response / Conversion, Cross Media / Mobile Integration, Marketing within Mobile Gaming, Messaging, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Innovation, Location Based, Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media, Most Engaging Mobile Creative, and Industry Awards.

Leading brand names with gold medals were Coca-Cola, Samsung, Heineken, Unilever, Lazada, and Adtima, with Adtima receiving gold medals in five fields and a total of 18 medals, including silver and bronze.

In the Industry Awards, Momo won first place in Enabling Technology Company of the Year. Zalo was in first place in Publisher / Media Company of the Year. “Share a Coke” from Coca-Cola and “Watch it with the S6” from Samsung won the “Best in Show” award, while Adtima also received the Agency of the Year in Mobile award and Unilever was Marketer of the Year.

“In my opinion the best value for MMA Forum delegates is gaining a broad picture of the mobile marketing market, which is being strongly developed, and learning from many countries as well as Vietnam, especially when Vietnam is seen as one of the fastest-growing markets for mobile marketing in the region,” said Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Managing Director of Adtima.

The SMARTIES Awards are held by the Mobile Marketing Association to seek new and valuable ideas and innovation that will lead the mobile marketing industry. It also honors achievements in mobile marketing at three levels: nationwide, regional, and global. The Awards have been presented for the last ten years around the world and this is the second year they have been held in Vietnam.

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