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AkzoNobel launches new 64-product line

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AkzoNobel launches new 64-product line

Dulux Professional range offers one-stop coatings solutions for different purposes.

AkzoNobel, the leading global paint and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, has officially introduced a new line of 64 products in Vietnam called Dulux Professional.

Professional and comprehensive coatings solutions

Dulux Professional’s portfolio of 64 products offers a full range that covers all paintable surfaces, including interiors, exteriors, metal, and wood. The variety of products allows Dulux to offer customers one-stop coatings solutions for different purposes: standard performance, enhanced performance, productivity, aesthetics, specialist, health & well-being, and pre-decoration.

The Dulux team will propose various execution options depending on the budget, available resources, and sustainable development goals of each project, and then customize them to suit specific requirements. Customers will also be able to tap into Dulux Professional’s pan-regional portfolio, enabling them to select products that are not readily available in the country to meet their project objectives. The broad portfolio and accompanying customized solutions makes Dulux Professional a comprehensive choice that satisfies the requirements of owners, contractors, architects and interior designers. 

The Dulux Professional portfolio, with a new livery that enables customers to easily identify the functionality, characteristic, and tier of products

“Dulux is equipped with an extensive knowledge of sector specifications and regulations around the region,” said Mr. Jeremy Rowe, Managing Director, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, South East & South Asia, Middle East. “And with the newly integrated Dulux Professional platform, customers across markets can now tap into this shared knowledge for an optimum customized solution.”

The Dulux Professional product line contains breakthrough products such as Diamond Care and Weathershield Express with a two-coat system. A premium multi-functional interior paint specially formulated with anti-bacterial properties, Dulux Professional Diamond Care offers superior durability, outstanding washability and low odor properties and is thus the most suitable choice for health & well-being projects. Meanwhile, Dulux Professional Weathershield Express is a premium quality acrylic water-based paint specially formulated as a two-coat system. With one less coat, higher efficiency and productivity is achieved while delivering the same superior all-weather protection as the usual three-coat system plus alkali guard and the KeepCool™ function. All these products are Green Label certified by the Singapore Environment Council. 

Professional consultancy services for different construction fields

As a leading global supplier of decorative paints and coatings, Dulux Professional is familiar with the specifications tied to each country and industry. Professional partners in the region can therefore benefit from Dulux Professional’s ability to migrate and adapt its expertise in these major markets. Dulux Professional’s customer service employees and specifiers also go through intensive specification and color training, which enables them to provide valuable coatings advice on solutions for the commercial, education, healthcare, repainting, residential, and leisure sectors.

Dulux is recognized as a leader in color, and Dulux Professional’s color concepts for the various types of developments are backed by extensive research on color psychology. For example, Dulux facilitated research in the UK on “Best Practice for Education Design”, which allowed it to translate results from the study into effective color palettes for the education sector.

“At AkzoNobel we understand that our professional partners always aspire to create the best and demand to be provided nothing less than the absolute best,” said Mr. David Teng, General Director of AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam. “We are therefore very happy to meet your desire for the best by launching Dulux Professional in Vietnam. This one-stop-shop portfolio provides our customers with solutions for every paint and coatings need in their project, no matter what the surface to be painted is.”

Mr. David Teng, General Director of AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam, speaking at the launch of the Dulux Professional portfolio

Dulux Professional is also committed to AkzoNobel’s Planet Possible initiative by “doing more with less”, which means delivering more value from fewer resources. Planet Possible is designed to drive innovation and promote radical resource efficiency, allowing ourselves and our customers to realize our sustainability ambitions together. At Dulux Professional we offer essential solutions that deliver positive sustainability benefits and reduce our products’ environmental impact, in order to make people’s lives more livable and inspiring.

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