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Management candidates more selective

Released at: 10:21, 21/07/2015

Management candidates more selective

Mr. Jon Whitehead, Country Manager, Robert Walters Vietnam, tells VET about recruitment demand for management personnel and how best to attract talent.

by Thu Hoang

How do you view the current supply and demand of management personnel (managers and upper level managers) in Vietnam? What sectors and positions have been the “hottest” in 2015 and will be next year?

Higher-level managers in Vietnam are usually stable and seldom engage in frequent job changes unless they are faced with certain circumstances or an organizational restructure. This is similar for senior candidates as there are not many new positions created or professionals in these roles.

We have seen steady demand as the recruitment market is becoming more mature for both clients and candidates. Hence, candidates have also become more selective, with new opportunities. Industries predicted to perform well include manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

What would you recommend companies in Vietnam do to attract talent?

Firstly, professionals need to be fairly compensated for the amount of work they do and the management level they are hired at.

There is an emerging working class in Vietnam that is fairly well-connected these days and will be able to benchmark their salary against their industry peers. There is also a lot of market research, such as the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey, which acts as a barometer for salary levels in the market.

A sound management team forms the core of any organization, as professionals often look up to a mentor of professional capacity. Good managers are always mindful of any top-down approach as well. The best business leaders are able to keep professionals constantly motivated and increase productivity.

When attracting middle to senior-level staff, factors that companies should consider include career progression, which can encompass an additional and expanded job scope.

Providing opportunities for employees to grow either laterally or horizontally within the organization is also vital. Working with a professional headhunter can massively increase the chance of securing the best talent.

This is to ensure the recruitment process is smooth, swift and organized. Successful talent acquisition typically leads to better businesses. Line managers should also be involved in every step of the recruitment process to give the candidates a more accurate perspective of the company.

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