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NEC recognizes potential of IT

Released at: 09:56, 18/02/2016

NEC recognizes potential of IT

Mr. Keita Ito, Director of NEC Vietnam, tells VET about its efforts to contribute to Vietnamese society via ICT solutions.

Can you give our readers some details about your information and communications technology (ICT) solutions?

NEC is building an idea called “Safer Cities”. ICT will support the protection of human safety by forecasting natural disasters and preventing emissions of greenhouse gases with a power demand control system, helping life become better.

Indeed, authentication fingerprint systems and passports used at airports, satellite communication systems, and systems to recommend an appropriate harvest time in agriculture, which are commonly applied today, are managed by NEC.

It is difficult to see with the naked eye, but these systems offer effective support for social development, providing a comfortable life.

What has NEC been doing in Vietnam?

We built and are managing a mobile broadcast station, installing undersea fiber optic networks capable of transmitting large data through the internet and developing other related systems, building settlement systems for banks, and developing access control systems through face recognition.

What differentiates NEC from other companies specializing in ICT solutions?

It is a combination of information technology and computer engineering. Once linking both techniques we can provide technical solutions to improve efficiency. Furthermore, NEC’s face recognition solution is being appreciated around the world and has appeared three times at the top in a survey by the US’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

What do you think about the opportunities for NEC in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s growth is among the highest in Southeast Asia. I can see a lot of business opportunities here, because Vietnam is the fourth-largest country in Southeast Asia and has made significant improvements in infrastructure. It has a youthful population that adapt quickly to technology. So this is certainly a dynamic market.

Can you share your thoughts on your Vietnamese employees?

Vietnamese staff are enthusiastic and responsible. Because NEC implements many projects at the same time, one person has to take on many tasks at once. Our staff are dedicated and complete their tasks.

Our company is currently managed by Japanese but we still train senior Vietnamese staff so that NEC Vietnam will be managed by Vietnamese.

Vietnam is making strong progress in technology and we quickly realized that. We always follow the trends and are ready to catch new trends.

A major information technology company in Japan, NEC has annual sales of about $24 billion and has set up branches in more than 160 countries and territories worldwide.

NEC’s field operations in Vietnam as well as in other countries are providing ICT solutions and developing supporting software and communications equipment.

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