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Novel setting for tea lovers

Released at: 09:11, 08/06/2019

Novel setting for tea lovers

Photos: Viet Tuan

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Deputy General Director of the Delicious Vietnam Trading Service JSC (Vietdeli JSC), tells VET about plans for the Home Finest Tea products and lounges.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Deputy General Director of the Delicious Vietnam Trading Service JSC (Vietdeli JSC)

What is the idea behind Home Finest Tea products and lounges? Who are the target customers?

Home Finest Tea was officially launched in mid-March. The idea comes from a desire to provide a youthful, luxurious, and novel space to enjoy tea and it also celebrates traditional values in Vietnam’s tea culture. We also want to work towards healthcare, with a collection of tea from famous tea regions in Vietnam and Taiwan (China). This is also a core value in the idea for Home Finest Tea.

In addition to millennials (18-34 years old), who always receive a lot of attention, we also look forward to reaching partners and customers from 30 to 50 years old. They are usually experienced, solid visionaries and sometimes as technically-proficient as the young generation.

■ Customers nowadays often pay attention to origin as well as product quality. How will Home Finest Tea meet this requirement?

With a desire to bring the best-quality products to customers, Home Finest Tea has spent a lot of time and effort on carefully selecting our suppliers. Our experts travelled to each locality to learn about the different types of tea, and each tea leaf is selected under stringent evaluation standards before being sent to a strict processing and storage facility, to retain its unique flavor.

Our tea experts have also visited other countries with long-standing tea cultures to identify unique recipes and provide the best benefits for customers’ health.

■ Vietnam’s tea drinking culture is no longer so popular, so how will Home Finest Tea win over customers?

Vietnamese people used to drink tea in a number of ways. They are used to enjoying tea with family, friends, and guests. Tea is a drink to enjoy, think about life, and remember anniversaries. This is why there is always a beautiful teapot in each Vietnamese home.

Tea is prepared in hot water, which helps the tea leaves bloom and take on a lovely aroma. There are different ways to drink tea, depending on the type, but most are made in hot water. We want to encourage Vietnamese consumers to become more familiar with different types of tea but still retain its nutrients and the tea-drinking spirit. The cherished cold tea technique of Home Finest Tea will help customers receive benefits from constant innovation and research on health.

The principle for us is that winning the trust of customers is core to our business activities. Our products ensure hygiene and food safety and meet requirements set out in Circular No. 19/2012/TTBYT from the Ministry of Health and Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP from the government.

■ As digital tourism develops, technology has been effectively used to reach out to customers. What are your thoughts on this? Does the company apply technology in Home Finest Tea to reach out to customers and promote products?

The explosion of the internet in general and social networks in particular in Vietnam have opened up many opportunities for local businesses. Nearly 50 per cent of Vietnamese people access the internet regularly and Vietnam sees among the highest growth in telecommunications and mobile technology in the region and the world.

According to research by Harvard University, Vietnam is one of five emerging countries in the digital technology field. Therefore, our experts are cultivating their knowledge in order to create applications on computers and mobile phones. Customers can easily access the products of Home Finest Tea.

■ What are your plans to develop Home Finest Tea in 2019 and the years to come?

2019 is a pivotal year for Home Finest Tea, with important projects in Vietnam and in foreign markets. We are in the process of researching and developing lounges in countries that have large populations, like Russia and China, and to put Home Finest Tea in shopping centers and Grade A office buildings in major cities in Vietnam. We plan to open ten Home Finest Tea lounges this year.

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