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Putting residents at ease

Released at: 20:47, 05/02/2015

Putting residents at ease

Mr. Howang Yu Nam, General Director of the Daewon Thu Duc Housing Development JSC, shared his thoughts with VET on the company's property management services.

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Mr. Howang Yu Nam
General Director of the Daewon Thu Duc Housing Development JSC

Can you tell us about the property management services offered by Daewon Thu Duc? Who are your target customers?

We are currently providing property management services to projects that we have completed. We set up our business service to support our after-sales work as effectively as possible and to provide a better safety environment for our projects. We have seen many developers complete the construction stage of projects, hand over units, and then pass on property management services to a property management service company.

As a developer, this way of transferring the property management service is an easy way to complete a project. However, we believe that residents and tenants rightly feel let down when the developer transfers the property management service to a third party. 

The first time we provided property management services to our residents and tenants was not easy. While we were pleased to manage the property, some residents misunderstood our motives and thought we were trying to make more money from them. We therefore pulled out from providing management services. The residents and tenants, however, soon realized how inefficient third party management companies can be and so asked us to come back to manage the building again.

We are currently pleased to manage two projects with three different management services, consisting of two resident compounds and one commercial compound. I confirm that we will continue provide property management services to our new projects. 

We plan to launch two new projects in 2015: one in Ho Chi Minh City consisting of middle-class apartments and the other on the Long Hai coast, consisting of a condominium and villa resort. The Ho Chi Minh City project is located on Le Van Sy Street, which is the busiest commercial and residential street in the city. I am pleased to say that customers will be able to enjoy the construction quality associated with the Cantavil brand but at an affordable price. The project is located in an old quarter of the city surrounded by a lot of retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment centers, a school, a park, and community facilities. The neighborhood is a vibrant area situated only ten minutes from the city center and five minutes from the airport.  

The Long Hai resort, meanwhile, is located on beautiful Hai Long Beach, only one and a half hours and 90 km by car from Ho City Minh City. The project consists of 200 high-end condominiums and 30 luxury villas. People can enjoy holidays in a five-star resort at reasonable prices. We are planning to build a seawater swimming pool with the slogan “Swim with marine life”. As with our Cantavil Premier project in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, we will have a small animal park with deers, rabbits, and ostriches for our residents and guests to enjoy. I am proud to say we are the first developers to include a small animal park for our residents in Vietnam.

What are the key differences between property management services provided by Daewon Thu Duc and those of your competitors?

The key difference is that we started our property management service as a non-profit business. The way we see it is that we are providing an after-sales service to our residents. We are always thinking of how best to provide a safe and happy living environment with the lowest management service fees possible. A lot of residents and tenants are understandably sensitive about management service fees, so we strictly control costs and aim to produce as much revenue as possible from activities such as advertising, renting out public space, and parking fees. 

However, we make sure that we provide full management services to residents and tenants, including 24-hour receptionists, maintenance, and security. In order to provide high-standard services, we have used a management system from South Korea and train our management staff to provide optimal professional services. 

We have found that really successful property management comes from three elements: a positive and professional attitude of staff towards residents and tenants, as we are strong believers that our employees’ words and smiles together with a supportive manner are essential for customer contact; ensuring that compound facilities such as equipment relating to the provision of electricity, water, gas, elevators and fire fighting, etc., are maintained to a high standard so there are no surprises or breakdowns; and security, which in my opinion is the most important element in the provision of property management services. Living in one of our compounds means that residents and tenants are free from the hazards of daily life, including fires, accidents, and criminal activities. We have in place a full system checking security and we follow stringent safety rules. We have a 24-hour monitoring room to watch and supervise all activities in each compound and have fully-trained security and maintenance staff on duty at all times.

We also employ a South Korean property management expert to ensure we provide a very high quality of service and to ensure that we continue to improve our operating methods in line with trends in the international market.

To ensure the highest quality of services, property management service providers must pay much attention to the working style of their staff. What does Daewon Thu Duc do in this regard?

This is the most difficult and challenging task for our property management service company. As a provider of property management services, we work with hundreds of employees, from cleaners to technicians. We believe that property management is a hospitality service and that we must offer very high standards of professional service to residents and tenants, as they rightly expect such services. 

However, we find that most employees are not familiar with the need for good manners and a friendly attitude toward our residents and tenants. Frankly, we face problems more often than we would like with our tenants and residents because of our employees’ behavior. Of course, no employee wants to make residents and tenants angry or upset but it does happen due to a lack of knowledge. They do not understand how to respond in a proper manner and do not understand how to provide professional services. 

Quite often employees find it hard to change their style and attitude and the only solution is to provide regular and ongoing training. We value our middle management personnel, who supervise and manage our staff, as they have a very important role to play in developing the high professional standards we expect of our employees.

Our Daewon Thu Duc Housing Development Company also focuses on hiring and training a number of management trainees as professional property managers. The training program is stringent and only a small number of trainees manage to complete the course to qualify as property managers in our company. 

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