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Samsung aiming to be a national enterprise

Released at: 09:21, 02/08/2015

Samsung aiming to be a national enterprise

Mr. Han Myoung-Sup, General Director of Samsung Electronics Vietnam, talks about their production activities in the country.

by Son Ho

What contribution has Samsung made to the “Vietnamese Using Vietnamese Goods” campaign?

In the process of developing and participating in the campaign we have been trying to make good quality products and creating jobs for Vietnamese people. We hope that Vietnamese consumers will continue to trust and buy products from Vietnam.

What is Samsung doing to become a national enterprise in Vietnam?

In the process of investing and building factories in Vietnam we have recruited many Vietnamese workers. Creating good products will help Samsung become a national enterprise, contributing to the “Vietnamese Using Vietnamese Goods” campaign. Moreover, we create good products not only for domestic consumers but also to gain the support of people in different countries around the world. Therefore, I think the aim of becoming a national enterprise in Vietnam for Samsung will not be difficult.

What specific steps is Samsung taking to become a national enterprise?

With the desire to truly become a national enterprise in Vietnam, we are not only creating products in Vietnam but also contributing to the development of Vietnam. On July 15 we cooperated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to hold an exhibition on joining Samsung’s supply chain, which attracted many domestic firms. This is Samsung’s contribution to the development of support industries in Vietnam.

In the north, the number of employees we have recruited is now more than 100,000, who create high quality products for Samsung. This is part of achieving the objective of truly becoming a national enterprise of Vietnam.

What is the quality of Samsung’s “Made-in-Vietnam” products compared to its products made in other countries?

Samsung has certain standards of quality for our export products. Samsung phones manufactured in Vietnam or in any other country in the world are based on a common standard. In terms of diligence, Vietnamese employees surpass many others, being meticulous and careful, and that’s why I believe Samsung phones produced in Vietnam are the equal of those made elsewhere.

How many countries are Samsung’s products manufactured in Vietnam exported to?

At the moment they are exported to 52 countries and regions, including Europe. For Samsung products manufactured in Vietnam to have a voice in the international market, I think the first thing is that Vietnamese trust products from their home country. Consumers around the world will then trust and use products from Vietnam.

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