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Vietnam a strategic country for Panasonic

Released at: 10:37, 16/10/2015

Vietnam a strategic country for Panasonic

Mr. Eiji Fukumori, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam, tells VET about its Premium Lifestyle lineup.

by Hoang Huong

What is Panasonic’s strategy in introducing the Premium Lifestyle product line in Vietnam?

Because of rapid economic growth, Vietnamese customers aspire for better living standards. As a manufacturer, Panasonic is developing and providing solutions to take customers beyond their expectations. To achieve this target Panasonic commits to developing appliances in Vietnam, which is one of our strategic countries. All development, technology, workmanship, and sales of these products are exclusively handled by Panasonic in Vietnam. This enables us to stay close to customers and improve products to better meet demand.

Our customers now have a wider selection, from Vietnamese models with Japanese quality to high-end models imported from Japan. All are designed with innovative technology, inspirational style, and distinctive space. We aspire to bring Premium Lifestyles to consumers in Vietnam and realize our promise of creating a better life, a better world for everyone.  

What do you want customers to feel when introducing the new “Fun of the quality from the shopfront” display concept?

In 1936, nearly 20 years after Panasonic was established, our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, spoke of the attitude in selling Panasonic products, which emphasized “Don’t force customer to buy” and “Don’t sell what customer wants; sell what can support customers”.

Following this philosophy, we introduced the new display concept “Fun of the quality from the shopfront”, which creates a distinctive space with Panasonic’s innovative products to completely change the shopping experience.

Instead of just looking for a specific product, customers can experience an enriched living space with Panasonic’s innovative solutions and enjoy the fun and comfort of Premium Lifestyles.

Why does Panasonic want to highlight home appliances?

Panasonic has committed to developing its appliances business in Vietnam, which is one of our strategic countries, so we have expanded our investment in a Research and Development Center in Vietnam to develop products that meet the needs of Vietnamese households.

For example, the unique -3 degrees Prime Fresh technology in the newly-launched Panasonic refrigerators helps food retain its nutrients and freshness as well as its delicious flavor and texture, while the advanced Foam Wash technology gives washing machines the ability to remove stains completely in less than three minutes.

Our wide range of high-tech products, such as 4K TVs, 4K cameras, high definition communication systems, air conditioners, and beauty products are also being provided in Vietnam as we aspire to enrich all of the living spaces of customers, from the home to the workplace or shopping mall. 

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