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CenLand launches real estate tech platform

Released at: 13:59, 07/05/2019

CenLand launches real estate tech platform

Photo: CenHomes

CenHomes helps international customers and investors verify information on Vietnam's real estate market.

by Doanh Doanh

CenLand has launched a real estate technology platform called CenHomes that helps international customers and investors verify information to guarantee safe and transparent transactions.

The website plays the role of an information “filter” for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market, providing information on legal issues, construction status, and real prices at every project. Projects uploaded on cenhomes.vn are under the strict measurement, supervision, and appraisal of the CenHomes team.

It is also integrated with key technologies in Industry 4.0 such as AI and big data to help information use, record market trends, and provide 24/7 support to customers.

“CenHomes has a plan to globalize the system of real estate marketing and distribution,” said Mr. Le Xuan Nga, General Director of CenHomes. “This plan will help many international customers and investors fully understand market trends and find it easier to search and buy real estate in Vietnam. Via a prestigious intermediary like CenHomes, international customers and investors can easily sell their real property or rent it out when they don’t need to use it anymore.”

One prominent feature of the website is its virtual reality (VR) technology producing a lively visual experience for international customers and investors. Real 3D images of every project and the local neighborhood are taken and enclosed with real estate information.

In addition to technologies, CenHomes has also made significant investments in human resources, with professional consultants always on hand to support international customers and investors in dealing with legal procedures and making quick and accurate transactions.

CenHomes is a new realty business platform developed by CenLand, one of the leading realty enterprises in Vietnam. The platform is a combination of modern technologies, expert market knowledge, and a desire to provide the best experiences to customers.

It is a pioneering real estate e-commerce platform that stays abreast of trends to resolve any hardships facing international customers and investors when they invest in Vietnam’s properties and encourages them to learn about the local market and boost investment.

CenHomes will make its official debut on May 10 through an exhibition of real estate technologies in Hanoi. Customers at the show will not only be updated on the latest real estate trends but can also directly experience new innovations in real estate transactions.

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