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Land-related offences to face fines

Released at: 16:03, 12/11/2014

Land-related offences to face fines

Penalties of up to VND1 billion ($47,004) will be imposed on administrative violations in land matters.

by Nguyen Quynh

The government has released a decree detailing fines for offences in land administration, ranging from VND500,000 ($23.5) to VND1 billion ($47,004), depending on the violation.

Organizations responsible for transferring licenses and land use rights to homebuyers will be fined between VND10 million ($470) and VND1 billion ($47,000) if this is not completed with the allotted time. If licenses for 100 households are not transferred within 12 months, the responsible organization will be issued fines ranging from VND500 million ($23,500) to VND1 billion ($47,000).

Fines from VND500,000 ($23.5) to VND1 million ($470) will be imposed for offences such as dumping waste, hazardous materials, and construction materials on other people's land, and households or individuals transferring agricultural land use rights to other households without the necessary permission from authorities.

Organizations face fines twice those imposed on individuals.

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