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Lessons for property industry from Pokemon Go

Released at: 14:23, 18/08/2016

Lessons for property industry from Pokemon Go

Photo: JLL

Digital Marketing Manager at JLL New Zealand suggests how technology from Pokemon Go could be tailored to identify property projects for sale or lease.

by Gia Bao

There are a number of ideas Vietnamese property companies could learn from available technology and the success of Pokemon Go, the mobile app game that has taken the world by storm, according to Mr. Constantino Co, Digital Marketing Manager at JLL New Zealand.

An app could be developed, he explained, that pins commercial or residential property for sale or lease or identifies properties that are currently being developed.

“As you pass by on foot or by car you could receive notifications about nearby properties you may be interested in,” he went on. “You could filter your preferences by square meter, price, and availability, etc.”

Property companies should also think about creating an app that allow users to point their mobile phone camera at a building and be shown the property’s information. This may include pictures, videos, interactive floor plans, the agent’s contact details and an enquiry form.

“Phones could be pointed at a building still under construction and see a 3D interactive visual of the site, allowing users to see the status of the building, the floor plan, and how it will look when completed,” he suggested.

“Having viewed the property information you could then save it to your phone or quickly share it with someone else.”

While on-site users could also open a video conference with others to discuss the property and need not arrange a mutually convenient time to meet at the location.

“This is just the beginning,” Mr. Co said. “There are huge opportunities for property companies to leverage technology.”

Vietnam’s property market has seen major changes in recent years in regard to marketing and promoting property projects. The technology applied in the sector remains modest, however, as most marketing activities are done on websites or newspaper and magazines.

Home buyers or investors must spend a great deal of time searching for information on property products.

Pokemon Go was released just a couple of weeks ago in Vietnam on iOS and Android and, as with elsewhere around the world, quickly became a hit.

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