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Savills Vietnam appointed facilites manager at Phenikaa University

Released at: 11:04, 30/08/2019

Savills Vietnam appointed facilites manager at Phenikaa University

Photo: Savills Vietnam

Management portfolio expanded following agreement with Hanoi university.

by Ngoc Lan

Savills Vietnam has expanded its management portfolio by becoming facilities manager at Phenikaa University in Hanoi after a signing ceremony on August 29 in the capital.

It will provide facilities management services on campus, covering lecture halls, dormitories, football fields, the multi-purpose stadium, the canteen, the car park and other outsourced services from mid-September.

This is one of the first education properties in Savills Vietnam’ management portfolio. The on-site management team will include a property manager, an assistant property manager, and a chief engineer.

Mr. Matthew Powell, Director of Savills Hanoi, said Savills Vietnam is delighted to be appointed as facilities manager at Phenikaa University, a private school with a spacious campus and international-standard facilities. “This project expands our management portfolio to a new area, education real estate, which is the first step in our long-term business development towards this sector for property management,” he added. “Amid rising competition, local players are also raising investment in private education, upgrading facilities and providing international standard equipment. The fact that Phenikaa University chose Savills Vietnam as the facilities manager demonstrates the school’s commitment to delivering a quality education and research environment for students and faculties in the long run.”

Vietnam offers tremendous opportunities for education development, according to Mr. Troy Griffiths, Deputy Managing Director of Savills Vietnam. “Evolving towards a more modern structure with rapid urbanization, national education development is a priority to improve the skills of the workforce and increase productivity,” said Mr. Griffiths. “With a large population of over 95 million and a young age structure, Vietnam is well placed for the expansion of the education sector but needs to emphasize quality.”

Associate Professor Dr. Le Hieu Hoc from Phenikaa University told the signing ceremony that in order to prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, the university received VND1.6 trillion ($68.6 million) in investment in 2018 for the construction of the new campus in Ha Dong district, Hanoi, with upgraded facilities and modern equipment. “Established in 2007 and previously known as Thanh Tay University, this marks a new chapter for Phenikaa University with a brand-new campus,” he added. “The university aims to be among the Top 100 in Asia within the next 20 years, providing international-standard education at an affordable cost. Savills Vietnam, an international property management practice, will provide facilities management to maintain quality and ensure professional quality in their operations, consolidating our determination to achieve our goals.”

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