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70 year old passes high school exams

Released at: 14:45, 28/07/2015

70 year old passes high school exams

Mr. Ho Ngoc Canh will now enroll in a traditional healthcare course so he reach his dream of opening a clinic.

by Son Ho

At his third attempt, 70-year-old Mr. Ho Ngoc Canh from the Mekong Delta’s Ben Tre province has finally passed his high school graduation exams.

He received marks of 1.75 for Math, 3 for Literature, 3.25 for Geography and 4 for Biology, for a total of 12 marks. His average score for his final year of high school was 6.5 and he received a 0.25-point bonus for his age, passing the minimum required. He sat the exams at Nguyen Thi Dinh High School.

Three years ago Mr. Canh wanted to open a traditional clinic but needed a specialized vocational degree, which involves finishing high school. so he enrolled in Grade 12.

The smile on Mr. Canh's face. Photo: Cuu Long

“Even though I barely passed, there are not many people that could this at my age,” Mr. Canh said. In his two previous attempts he was two points short of the minimum mark. In his first try, he said, the supervisor mistook him for a student’s father. Last year he sat the exam with his grandson, but only his grandson passed.

After each failure he retuned to the Regular Education Center of Giong Trom district to study again. His fellow students fondly call him “grandfather”.

Mr. Canh and his wife have seven children and seven grandchildren. He said his wife neither supported him nor stopped him in his efforts to graduate. “When I failed, she laughed,” he said. “And when I passed she didn’t compliment me at all.”

As for the future, he will now enroll in a vocational school specializing in traditional healthcare so he can open a clinic.


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