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93 year old takes to social media

Released at: 00:29, 29/08/2015

93 year old takes to social media

Mrs. Le Thi uses Facebook every day, keeps a diary on her laptop, and paints in her spare time.

In a quiet room in Hanoi’s Ha Dong district, 93-year-old Mrs. Le Thi casually accesses the internet and checks her social media pages. Despite her age, she does it all without the need for glasses.

A writer of diaries throughout her life, her hand is no longer able to hold a pen properly so she asked her grandchildren to teach her how to use a computer. Though her typing and reading are quite slow she sticks with it as it allows her to write every day. She became used to using Yahoo, Skype and then Facebook, and she uses them to keep in touch with her relatives overseas.

“Sometimes I laugh at myself, as the oldest woman in the house using the most electricity,” said Mrs. Thi. “I use a fan, an air conditioner, and the computer all day. I even turn on the lights when I paint.” Besides using the computer, she also constantly draws paintings of where she has lived or where she has been. She has loved drawing since she was a child, but she had to put her dream on hold until she was more than 70 due to harsh economic circumstances.

One of Mrs. Thi's paintings: "Diem Dien Fishing Port "

According to Mrs. Thi, life is like a tide that sucks people in, especially young people. “I also got sucked into that tide so I sometimes need some space and quiet to think about myself,” she said.


Son Ho

Son Ho

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