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AkzoNobel supplies Dulux paint to Mua He Xanh 2018 campaign

Released at: 16:53, 17/08/2018

AkzoNobel supplies Dulux paint to Mua He Xanh 2018 campaign

Photo: AkzoNobel Vietnam

Annual "Green Summer" campaign redecorates old buildings and alleyways in HCMC.

by Khanh Chi

The “Mua He Xanh” (Green Summer) campaign has long been a feature of Ho Chi Minh City during the summer months, with volunteer activities by young people making practical and meaningful contributions to the community. On the occasion of its 25th holding, the Mua He Xanh 2018 campaign has developed a special plan with many valuable and humane activities.

Many activities have been and are being conducted, such as building bridges, laying concrete roads in rural areas and urban alleyways, repairing houses for the poor, changing the appearance of old apartments and alleyways, cleaning up canals, and building freshwater pipelines and tanks for the poor.

In the Mua He Xanh 2018 campaign, AkzoNobel Vietnam is particularly interested in and appreciates the spiritual meaning of wall paintings and drawings that help refresh the exterior of old apartment buildings and alleyways in the city. AkzoNobel has contributed all exterior paint for the program, with more than 3,000 liters of Dulux exterior paint and 44 liters of oil paint. Mua He Xanh volunteers have repainted and drawn wall paintings to renew 60 urban alleyways and three old apartment buildings in the city.

“We are honored to contribute to activities in changing the city’s appearance and making it full of new energy,” said Ms. Pamela Phua, General Director of AkzoNobel Vietnam. “I hope that AkzoNobel can continue to accompany the Mua He Xanh campaign in the future, to create more useful things for the community.”

“Colors inspire and energize people,” said Mr. Ngo Minh Hai, Vice President of the Vietnam Youth Federation, HCMC Committee. “We have seen the delight of people when the old spaces around them become new and interesting with fun, cute and colorful images drawn by volunteers. We very much appreciate the supply of Dulux from AkzoNobel Vietnam for volunteer teams to complete these meaningful projects. This will be an unforgettable memory for all of us.”

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