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Alcohol responsible for 1/3 of domestic violence cases

Released at: 12:56, 11/05/2015

Alcohol responsible for 1/3 of domestic violence cases

MoH releases report on effects of alcohol consumption on Vietnamese society, especially children.

by Son Ho

Consumption of alcohol is behind 34 per cent of domestic violence cases reported in Vietnam, according to a recent report from the Ministry of Health (MoH) based on a survey.

Children are also victims. Eleven per cent of children responding to the MoH survey said they were subject to verbal abuse after their parents had been drinking. About 6.5 per cent report being neglected and left to care for themselves. More than 6 per cent witnessed violence in the home, and almost 4 per cent were assaulted by drunken relatives or others nearby.

Overall, nearly 14 per cent of children experienced at least one of these four instances of violence. Compared to the proportion in countries where alcohol consumption is considered high, such as Ireland (ranked second in the world) with 11.15 per cent, and Thailand, with 13.1 per cent, the situation in Vietnam is cause for much concern.

Though the country’s average per capita income ranks eighth in Southeast Asia it takes the lead in alcohol consumption and is ranked third in Asia, behind Japan and China, according to MoH. Consumption has doubled over the last decade and it is estimated that, by 2025, average annual per capita consumption will stand at about 7 liters. On average, Vietnamese consume about 3 billion liters of beer in total and 80 million liters of wine every year.

Besides domestic violence, alcohol consumption is also a major factor in traffic accidents. Around 30 people die every day throughout the country from traffic accidents, of which 70 per cent can be traced to alcohol consumption.

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