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AMPA Education introduces new community project

Released at: 11:02, 10/06/2019

AMPA Education introduces new community project

Photo: AMPA Education

"Arts Nation" music and performing arts center aims to raise funds for underprivileged children.

by Hung Cao

To create a music and arts platform and to bring creative education closer to Vietnamese children, Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education) launched a not-for-profit music and performing arts center - Arts Nation - on June 9.

AMPA Education also hosted an event called “A Summer of Giving” on the same day, to create a fun and meaningful day for children and young people aged from six to 18 years old, where they experienced high quality music and dance classes, traditional Vietnamese games, and live arts performances.

Arts Nation is a fundraising initiative to support underprivileged children in Vietnam by providing music and performing arts education for all ages.

Parents and students participating in “A Summer of Giving” not only had the opportunity to receive a special offer on course tuition but will also contribute to underprivileged children through AMPA Education’s Dream Space community projects. All proceeds from classes at Arts Nation will be donated to different creative education projects where all Vietnamese children will be able to touch and feel the arts.

Through these kinds of events and interactive activities, AMPA Education and Arts Nation hope to inspire parents to teach their children about “giving back to the community”, to help build in them a concrete sense of helping those who are less fortunate.

Through Arts Nation’s music and performing arts programs, students will build their musicianship and performing arts skills while gaining personal confidence and enhancing their creativity and artistic competence.

It is Arts Nation’s dream to reach every child in Vietnam from every socioeconomic situation. Its core belief is that a creative education will enhance the development of the body, mind and soul in children. By sharing the common goal of this initiative, the European International School of Ho Chi Minh City has generously agreed to cooperate with Arts Nation to reach its goal of building many more Dream Spaces and in pushing forward the urgent need to provide the right platforms for the arts, where no child will be left behind.

“Arts Nation is AMPA Education’s signature project to fundraise to provide arts education for children coming from less advantaged family backgrounds,” said Mr. Thanh Bui, Founder of AMPA Education. “The idea of founding Arts Nation was triggered by a desire to bridge the gap in creative education in Vietnam and provide access to music and arts education for all Vietnamese children.”

“By introducing Arts Nation to Vietnam, we strongly emphasize a vision of sharing and giving back to the community. I believe that in the very near future the funds raised from this meaningful project will help build hundreds and thousands of Dream Spaces for children across the country. I truly believe in the strength of community unity.”

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