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Animal Aid Saigon calls for dog protection

Released at: 14:35, 24/04/2015

Animal Aid Saigon calls for dog protection

HCMC group to campaign for dog protection from April 23 to end of May.

by Son Ho

On the afternoon of April 23 in Ho Chi Minh City, many young people from the Animal Aid Saigon group held dogs wearing signs urging people not to eat dog meat and to protect dogs from thieves.

The group has only been active for a short period of time but in just one month it helped eight dogs either abandoned by their owner, falling down into drains, or being abused by their owner. After being rescued the dogs are cared for and given a good home.

The group’s dog protection activities started on April 23 and will run until the end of May. On April 25 it will conduct another campaign at Le Thi Rieng Park in District 10, then go to other streets to spread their message more widely.

Besides local people, many tourists also supported the campaign upon hearing about it.

“I believe that there will be more people attending our next campaigns,” said Ms. Que Phuong, a member of Animal Aid Saigon. “I also believe that there are more people who love dogs than people who eat them.”

In recent years the practice of eating dog meat has been criticized by many people, both locally or globally. Two weeks ago the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA) called for 1 million signatures to a petition it planned to submit to the Vietnamese Government proposing a law be introduced on dog protection.

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