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Citizens given project supervisory rights

Released at: 16:08, 01/10/2015

Citizens given project supervisory rights

New Decision gives community investment supervisory boards rights to monitor investment projects.

by Son Ho

Starting from October 20 citizens will have the right to supervise investment projects via a community investment supervisory board, under the Decree on Monitoring and Evaluating issued by the government.

The community supervisory board will be able to ask authorities to provide information on planning for socioeconomic development, sectors, land use, infrastructure, the construction of urban areas and residential areas, and industrial parks, and investment in related fields. It will also be able to request authorities answer questions within their scope of management.

It can also request project managers or investors provide information on monitoring projects, such as investment decisions, investors, management boards, contact addresses, progress and investment plans, detailed planning and architectural planning, compensation, site clearance and resettlement, waste treatment, and environmental protection.

In projects with private investment or projects using budget from the communal level, investors and project managers must provide more information on the process, technical rules, categories of supplies, and work settlement.

The community’s right of supervision is also reflected in the ability to propose authorities suspend investment projects in two cases. The first is where there are legal violations that heavily affect businesses, security, culture, society, or the environment, and the second is where investors do not publish information on the project as prescribed by law.

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