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Civil Code may recognize transgender people

Released at: 14:55, 19/08/2015

Civil Code may recognize transgender people

Discussions on draft Civil Code call for recognition of gender change as a human right.

by Son Ho

After the Law Committee expressed a view on transgender people at a discussion panel on the draft amended Civil Code of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on August 18, Section 36 in the draft was amended in favor of transgender people. Individuals are now eligible to redefine and change their gender, with steps to be completed as prescribed by law.

Paragraph 2 of Section 36 of the draft previously stated: “The State does not recognize transgender people. Individuals who have already changed their gender are able to request the authorized State agency to change their civil status and personal rights as provided in Paragraph 1 of this Section”. This was created during a meeting on the draft in June.

Mr. Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the Law Committee, said that during the discussions the majority of Law Committee members expressed a belief that the right to change gender is a human right and should be recognized in the law. “To ensure prudence and reasonability, the Law Committee proposed to amend the content of the Civil Code to identify this as a human right,” he said.

The National Assembly will assign authorized agencies to conduct research and make a proposal so that the National Assembly can consider and decide on the matter.

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