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EVN opens hotlines to report power outages

Released at: 15:15, 05/06/2017

EVN opens hotlines to report power outages

People lie under an overfly in Hà Nội to avoid sunshine during the heatwave. Photo: Kenh 14

Hotlines opened as north and central regions hit by first heat wave of the summer.

by Le Diem

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has launched 24-hour hotlines in the north for customers to report power outages as the north and central regions experience record-high temperatures.

A heat wave, with temperatures reaching 40C (104F), has hit the north and central regions. Temperatures in some places have hit nearly 60C (140F). This first heat wave of the summer will last nearly a week.

The Hanoi Power Corporation (EVN Hanoi)’s hotline is (04) 2222 2000 and 1900 1288 and EVN’s in the north is 1900 6769.

Power consumption in the north and in Hanoi have hit new records over the last few days, according to EVN. On June 1, capacity and output reached record levels, which were then broken on June 2. The capacity of the national power grid has exceeded 30,000 MW and the highest power consumption, on June 2, reached nearly 630 million kWh.

According to EVN, the power sector at all levels has dealt with the heat wave, after many upgrades and grid renovations. Power supply is now significantly better than previously.

There were reports of power outages, however, due to the high use of air conditioners and other cooling equipment. The new hotlines allow for residents to quickly report any power problems and be re-connected quickly.

EVN recommends that everyone use electricity economically and efficiently, in particular setting air conditioners at 26C or higher to minimize the risk of overloading the grid.

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