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First 5G call made

Released at: 18:53, 13/05/2019

First 5G call made

Photo source: Viettel

Vietnam one of the first countries in the world to use 5G technology.

by Le Diem

Vietnam has piloted the first call using 5G technology, making it one of the first countries in the world with the new technology.

The call was made by the local Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group and its partner Ericsson from Sweden, in the presence of Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung and Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh.

The call had a mobile internet speed of 1.5-1.7 Gigabits per second; much faster than 4G and the equivalent of the speed of commercial cables.

This is the first time Vietnam has been among the first countries to use a new technological application, Minister Hung said at the event. Before Vietnam, US, Australia, Japan, and South Korea also successfully piloted 5G technology. Viewing information and communications technology (ICT) as the basis to promote growth in all fields, Vietnam focuses on its development so that people and businesses can compete in the global economy, and for this reason 5G was deployed early, he added. “5G is an opportunity for Vietnam to improve its competitiveness rankings in the world,” he explained. “It will test 5G this year and put it into commercial use in 2020, in all hi-tech zones, national innovation centers, and smart factories.”

With the mission of pioneering a digital society in Vietnam, Viettel is confident of mastering modern technologies, according to Mr. Le Dang Dzung, Viettel Group’s acting Chairman and General Director. “In terms of transmission infrastructure, IoT technology based on 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT has been deployed by Viettel, with it becoming one of the first 50 operators in the world to deploy these technologies,” he said. “Viettel is ready to apply artificial intelligence solutions to solve social problems. It has also built the largest and most sophisticated network security team in Vietnam to protect the safety of users on the internet.”

Mr. Denis Brunetti, Head of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, said Viettel and Ericsson recognize the importance of using 5G in applying and improving the benefits of Industry 4.0. It is expected to promote digitalization in all sectors, including production, agriculture, energy, healthcare, and education. By bringing 5G services to Vietnam early, Viettel and Ericsson have built a foundation for Industry 4.0, and 5G will provide important infrastructure to create momentum and allow Vietnam to attract more FDI in the hi-tech sector.

Viettel said it will continue to expand its pilot of the 5G network in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The pilot will help the Ministry of Information and Communications evaluate 5G technology based on coverage areas, capacity, maximum speed, and compatibility with current infrastructure. The ministry will then have a foundation to map out policies and a roadmap for the commercialization of 5G in 2020.

The ministry has granted licenses to Viettel and MobiFone to implement 5G pilots for one year, from January 2019 to January 2020.

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