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FV Hospital holds public seminar on gynaecological healthcare

Released at: 08:11, 20/12/2019

FV Hospital holds public seminar on gynaecological healthcare

Photo: Hung Cao (VET)

Seminar touched on conditions, treatments, and aesthetics in gynecological health.

by Khanh Chi

In order to provide new and useful information regarding gynecological health, FV Hospital recently held a public seminar that focused on “Gynecological Healthcare: Conditions, Treatments and Aesthetics” in Ho Chi Minh City.

Speakers were doctors working at FV Hospital who not only showcased useful knowledge about common obstetric and gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea and endometriosis but also referred to modern trends and methods of vaginal rejuvenation and beautification.

Dr. Vo Trieu Dat, Senior Doctor at FV’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, held a talk specifically concerning “Dysmenorrhea: How Well Are You Aware of It?” Its objective was to help attendees acquire further knowledge about primary and secondary dysmenorrhea as well as gynecological treatments and therapies for these most common diseases.

Following this talk was a presentation on common but still unfamiliar methods of diagnosis and treatment for the majority of women. Led by Dr. Sanguine, who works as a gynecologist and obstetrician at the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department at FV Hospital, this session focused specifically on “Endometriosis”.

Lastly, Dr. Vinh Lam Vien, Senior Doctor at FV’s Lifestyle Beauty Clinic, provided information on “Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation & Beautification”, to support women with aesthetic issues that prevent the need for maximum invasion.

Dysmenorrhea is statistically a condition that more than 50 per cent of women suffer from before and during menstruation. While primary dysmenorrhea is considered a normal physiological phenomenon, with common causes, such as excessive uterine contraction (occurring during menstruation), small hymenal aperture, due to psychology, etc., secondary dysmenorrhea is considered an alarming symptom of underlying gynecological conditions.

In particular, endometriosis is easily misidentified as a common dysmenorrhea symptom. Epidemiological studies indicate that 7-10 per cent of women around the world have endometriosis and about 40 per cent undergoing infertility examinations are classified with endometriosis. It can therefore be seen that endometriosis is one of the main causes of infertility in women.

Endometriosis causes discomfort and pain, reducing quality of life for women. The symptoms, one of which is severe pelvic pain during menstruation that cannot be eased by painkillers, are easily misidentified as other physiological phenomena, so many women only detect the disease after many years.

A concerning result of this is that late treatment of endometriosis may possibly lead to infertility. There are currently two common methods of treatment. One is using hormonal drugs, of which estroprogestative combined with oral contraceptives are highly recommended, but in cases of complex deep endometriosis with invasion, laparoscopic surgery is the most optimal option.

“Less invasive laparoscopic surgery not only solves complex endoscopes but also ensures aesthetic issues,” Dr. Sanguine said. “Instead of a long incision used when performing a traditional operation, laparoscopic surgery requires only four small holes in the abdomen. Such an approach helps the patient with prompt healing and provides a quick recovery time. Endoscopic surgery is performed with almost all gynecological diseases except for ovarian cancer, so patients can feel assured when following the doctor’s instructions.”

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