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Hanoi set for BridgeFest 2019 on January 13

Released at: 18:16, 04/01/2019

Hanoi set for BridgeFest 2019 on January 13

Photo: Hexagon JSC

Fourth "Bridging the Gap" music festival to be held at Dien Kinh Sports Stadium.

by Jessica Nguyen

BridgeFest 2019 - the fourth “Bridging the Gap” music festival - will be held at Dien Kinh Sports Stadium in Hanoi on January 13 and is expected to attract up to 10,000 people.

With the message “Bridging the Gap”, BridgeFest 2019 aims to break down barriers in Vietnam, such as gender, income, physical ability, geography, culture, and religion, to promote equality and connect people. In particular, it will inspire young people to engage in community programs and make active contributions to an equal society, especially in enhancing access to education and healthcare opportunities.

This meaningful message will be conveyed through various activities: an awe-inspiring talk show, exhibitions, workshops, community activities held by youth groups and civil society organizations, and an enthusiastic feast of music performed by well-known national and international artists.

Those coming to the festival will have a great chance to gain more knowledge about diversity and differences in Vietnamese society, as well as hot social issues such as inequality and lack of opportunity, and have the chance to hear from members of disadvantaged groups, all with the goal of addressing these issues in society.

The most special and exciting part of Bridgefest is the evening music show. This year, the music show is an extraordinary mix of artists from a variety of music genres, such as Pop, Ballad, Rap, Indie, and Rock. Each artist has his or her own way of pursuing their love of music and are determined to overcome obstacles along with the audience.

The return of Dalab will be in the spotlight

Isaac - the former leader of the popular music band 365 Daband - has had success in both music and film and will bring to BridgeFest 2019 the most passionate love songs and his own story of continuously striving to pursue his dreams. After a very successful year in the music market, the return of Dalab will be in the spotlight. Again this year, the BridgeFest song “Bridging the gap” - “Ai cung nhu ai”, composed by Dalab, will be performed. Rapper Kimmese will also burn up the stage.

The combination of Vu - The Indie Prince and Skylines Beyond Our Reach is a brand-new feature of the festival this year. Their self-narrative is compelling and a generous promise to paint a colorful picture of modern youth. Lon xon Band, which came from the Sing my Song contest, will bring songs that truly reflect modern life. Lynk Lee and Vicky Nhung will stir the show up with their positive energetic performances.

The most notable performances will be from zither artist Vo Van Anh and the Blood Moon Orchestra from the U.S. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese music and instruments, Van Anh has devoted herself to spreading World Music - an exploding music style, encompassing various kinds of folk music materials - all over the world. Her performance with the Blood Moon Orchestra is a secret of graceful music that BridgeFest will keep until the end. Vietnam is one of the stopovers on the Blood Moon Orchestra’s tour - sponsored by the Mid Alantic Foundation and TT Couture.

Formerly known as SEA Pride 2016, a music event honoring diversity and equality in society, BridgeFest has been held for four consecutive years and has become a signature community event that attracts a large audience and spreads inspirational messages about equality and social integration. BridgeFest 2019 is co-organized by Oxfam in Vietnam and the US Embassy in Vietnam, in cooperation with NGO’s REACH and ECUE as well as the Hexagon JSC.

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