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Hanoi to build new water pipeline

Released at: 11:24, 24/08/2015

Hanoi to build new water pipeline

City leaders decide to lay new pipeline to ease pressure on existing pipeline from the Da River.

by Son Ho

Leaders of the Hanoi People’s Committee have met with departments and units providing clean water supply to the city to consider building an “emergency pipeline” to assist the main pipeline connecting the Da River Water Plant to the capital.

City leaders assigned the Department of Construction to create a specific plan and report on detailed costs and expected time of completion by the end of the month. The estimated time for completing the pipeline is 90 days.

It is expected that the 30-km pipeline will run alongside the existing Da River pipeline and share some of the pressure. This is a somewhat radical solution to resolving the shortage of clean water in the west and southwest of the city on hot days, especially given the existing pipeline has a number of leaks.

With the new emergency pipeline the pressure on the existing Da River pipeline will be reduced significantly, guaranteeing supply.

The decision expresses the strong determination of the Hanoi People’s Committee and related departments to resolve issues surrounding the Da River pipeline, which has experienced many problems recently and over the years.

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