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Higher power bills shock many

Released at: 18:41, 26/06/2015

Higher power bills shock many

Numerous households have been unpleasantly surprised after receiving their electricity bills.

by Son Ho

Many households have seen their power bills double or triple even though prices only increased 7.5 per cent on March 16. 

One person said their bill used to be around VND700,000 a month but in March it was VND1.2 million and in May VND1.7 million. Another said his power bill for May was 2.6 times higher than previously.

The electricity price increases per unit when more power is used, which seems to be not well known.

“There should be clear explanations given when the power price increases,” another person said. “Why are some people now paying double or even triple?”

Some have suggested the electricity sector use a normal multiplier method, with one rate per unit regardless of how much is used, as this is more appropriate given the current economic situation. “The existing system is good for the supplier but not for consumers,” said economic expert Mr. Ngo Tri Long.

Since 2007 the power price has increased seven times. The last increase was on March 16, of a relatively high 7 per cent.


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