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Hundreds of workers sick in Binh Duong

Released at: 19:47, 22/10/2015

Hundreds of workers sick in Binh Duong

Victims present signs of food poisoning at local hospitals.

by Minh Tuyet

Four hundred and forty one workers at the Vinh Nghia Company, a shoe maker, were taken to hospitals in southern Binh Duong province presenting signs of food poisoning at 3pm on the afternoon of October 21, according to the provincial Department of Health.

Fifty-two workers were taken to My Phuoc hospital, 96 to Nhan Nghia Polyclinic, 36 to Ben Cat Hospital, 107 to Van Phuc Hospital, and 150 to Binh Duong General Hospital.

Inspectors from the Binh Duong Food Safety Agency determined at 9pm on October 21 that all workers were in a good condition and could be discharged from hospital. After investigating the company’s kitchen the inspectors assessed it as being hygienic. The company also provided evidence on the origin and expiration date of the food served.

The Department of Health made initial comments on the cause of the food poisoning. “The case is related to food safety in the company’s kitchen, and may be linked to a dispute between workers and the company over the price of meals, as workers did not eat at the company on October 19 and 20,” it stated.

The Food Safety Agency is still working with related authorities in its investigation and will then make a final conclusion on the case.

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