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Internet Day Forum hears Vietnam's history

Released at: 10:15, 20/11/2015

Internet Day Forum hears Vietnam's history

Speakers at Hanoi forum, called "Internet of Things", mark 18 years of the internet in Vietnam.

by Son Ho

The Internet Day 2015 Forum was held on November 19 at the Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi with the topic “Internet of Things”, introducing various information and communications activities that will contribute to Vietnam’s internet ecosystem.

The Forum was attended by more than 200 leaders and representatives from the Office of the Government, the Ministries of Information and Communications, Industry and Trade, Public Security, Defense, Home Affairs, Education and Training, and Science and Technology, as well as leading domestic and international enterprises such as Google, FPT, VNG, and Qualcomm.

“Eighteen years ago, on November 18, was the birth of the internet in Vietnam, but before that Vietnam had something like a social network, similar to Facebook, but we had no idea how to monetize it and it was very costly to run so we decided to stop it,” Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT, said at the Forum.

Over the years IT leaders have put a great deal of effort into developing the internet ecosystem in Vietnam, and the country is now one of the leaders in internet growth. “The thing we have learned is that we cannot afford to waste time,” Mr. Binh continued: “If we waste time everything will move ahead and we will not be able to catch up again.”

He added that, in Vietnam, whenever a new policy is introduced Vietnam’s IT enterprises always ask “What are the negative aspects?”, while around the world enterprises ask “Will this open up any new opportunities?”

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center released its Internet Resource Report 2015 at the Forum, which provides information and analysis on the growth of internet resources this year and in previous years. Notably, it stated that “.vn” leads the way in ASEAN and is in the Top 10 in Asia.

Internet Day 2015 is the launch of a movement to universalize the internet among the entire population in order to constantly improve knowledge and bring technology into daily life, so that people can help push Vietnam’s socioeconomic development.

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