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Mass fish deaths on Dong Nai River

Released at: 14:16, 06/01/2016

Mass fish deaths on Dong Nai River

Polluted water the suspected culprit as aquaculture fishing families wake to tons of dead fish on morning of January 5.

by Son Ho

Dozens of households who fish from aquaculture rafts on the Cai River (a branch of the Dong Nai River) found tons of dead fish on the morning of January 5.

Fisherman Nguyen Dinh Thanh said his family has dozens of rafts that can feed 10 tons of carp. It’s the harvest season, but all are dead.

“We imported carp from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for VND160,000 ($7) per kilogram,” Mr. Thanh said. “They have all died, so we will lose about VND1 billion ($44,450).”

Fish have been dying in smaller numbers for the last five days, some fisherman said, and authorities were notified. Water samples were taken, but the results had not come in by the time of these mass deaths. “It is likely the fish died from polluted water,” said another fisherman. “Not only fish in the rafts but also fish in the river died and surfaced everywhere.”


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