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MoET, British Council, & Microsoft work on education

Released at: 10:55, 26/01/2016

MoET, British Council, & Microsoft work on education

Program held by the three parties expected to bring major changes to Vietnam's education system.

by Son Ho

Ninety teachers and leaders from schools have completed preparations for a special program being conducted by the Ministry of Education and Training, the British Council, and Microsoft, which focuses on applying technologies in teaching and learning within the STEM framework (Science - Technologies - Engineering - Math).

The program provides teachers and education managers with a new perspective on technologies and methods to optimize technologies as a basis for connecting and modernizing the transfer of knowledge. This will awaken interest in students about learning. Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen, an expert on Creative Education at Microsoft, introduced the tools supporting education, such as methods to design lectures, creating high interactivity instead of simply showing content, a solution on sharing and connecting between students and families, and combining technological tools to serve education purposes.

Another important part of the program is to build an education model to develop expert learning skills in the 21st century. It was built by the British education sector based on specialized educational methods, skills from UNESCO, and consultation from international experts on schooling.

Dr. Mark Windale, a STEM expert from Sheffield Hallam University, is in charge of the project. Based on the experience in implementing STEM in the UK and in other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, the strategy to put STEM into education systems requires coordination among ministries, the university system, corporations, and others.

“The idea to build the program between the parties in innovating education management and activities is truly a new approach in putting the plan into reality,” said Ms. Tran Yen Dinh, Director of Education at Microsoft.

Ms. Cherry Gough, Managing Director of the British Council, said: “The British Council believes that this is the most effective way to invest in the future of Vietnam as well as the world.”

The program will be implemented in two phases. Initially, ten schools will be selected for a pilot. The program will then be expanded to more schools in the second phase.

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