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More Pentaxim vaccine made available

Released at: 14:18, 26/12/2015

More Pentaxim vaccine made available

Additional doses now on hand at 17 locations in Hanoi following chaotic scenes overnight on December 24/25.

by Son Ho

Government leaders have been quick to act following scenes of parents queuing up overnight for Pentaxim vaccine injections for their children only to find supply was nowhere near meeting demand.

At a meeting on December 25 between Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, and leaders of Department of Health and relevant departments Mr. Chung said there will be 20,000 more doses of Pentaxim vaccine made available.

He also asked the Department to announce the location of 17 injection points around the capital as well as the number of doses available at each location. “The price will be as determined by the Ministry of Health and will only come from authorized suppliers,” he said. He also asked Hanoi Police to direct officers to ensure order and security at injection points to prevent a repeat of the previous chaotic scenes.

Another meeting was held late on the afternoon of December 25 between Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long and representatives from parties involved to discuss solutions to providing the vaccine.

Dr. Long asked the Department of Health to monitor the Polyvac Immunization Service at 182 Luong The Vinh Street in Hanoi, where a large number of people queued overnight for vaccines and where a number of disturbances eventuated as supplies ran out.

Polyvac has been working with authorities to plan another immunization session, with better safety and fairness. Once approval is forthcoming it will release further information.

The vaccine will be available in 17 locations around the capital, with 12,300 doses in total. Three locations belong to the Hanoi Department of Health: the Hanoi Preventative Medicine Center, the Hanoi International Center for Health Quarantine, and the Health Center of Dong Anh District.

Vaccine locations in Hanoi

  1. National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology: 1,600 doses
  2. Hanoi Preventative Medicine Center: 3,200 doses
  3. Hanoi International Center for Health Quarantine: 1,040 doses
  4. Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics : 300 doses
  5. Hôpital Francaise de Hanoi: 700 doses
  6. Vinmec International Hospital: 700 doses
  7. Health Center of Dong Anh District: 100 doses
  8. Vaccine and Biological Production No. 1: 400 doses
  9. Hanoi Family Clinic: 300 doses
  10. Hong Ngoc Hospital: 300 doses
  11. National Institute for Control of Vaccine and Biologicals: 1,300 doses
  12. National Hospital of Tropical Diseases: 500 doses
  13. Polyvac Immunization Service: 1,260
  14. International SOS Vietnam: 100 doses
  15. Cam Ha JSC: 150 doses
  16. Bac Si Gia Dinh Center: 150 doses
  17. Duc Minh Health JSC: 200 doses

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